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By Sharon Gomes Thomas


I’ve always been indifferent about pizza; have never taken sides in any thin versus thick debates that rage between my New Yorker and Chicagoan friends. I’ve never craved for it even after a late night out, when a slice seems to be the ultimate midnight snack that all my partying buddies hunger after. But every now and then, I’ll order a pie just for the convenience of home delivery.

My dog Darby on the other hand loves pizza. More specifically, she loves the crust. I usually give her the edge off my first slice, because it can keep her occupied for a good half hour. First she’ll bring her treat over to the kitchen, drop it on the rug and proceed to prance around it, barking and growling for no apparent reason. Then she’ll gingerly take it in her mouth and seek out all her favorite hiding places, trying to bury it – between the sofa cushions, under the guest room bed, or underneath the bathmat. She’ll leave her treasure for only a few minutes, then return to uncover it and bring it to another hiding place. Finally, she’ll bring the piece of crust back to the kitchen rug, lie down and slowly nibble on it, one small bite at a time.

Darby doesn’t get more than one piece of pizza crust, I don’t think it’s a healthy treat. Since I don’t order pizza that often, I forgive myself for being such a bad mom. Recently, I’ve found a couple of dog pizza treats that I plan to order for Darby. Hopefully, it’ll satisfy her pizza craving and be good for her at the same time.

Bon A-Paw Tete ( not only has a Pizza Pie for dogs, but they also have other interesting meals like Salmon Souffle and Chicken Lo Mein! All their recipes are made with organic ingredients without any chemicals, by-products or fillers. Some of the ingredients for the Pizza Pie are 100% organic whole wheat durum, organic cottage cheese and organic eggs. The treats are made-to-order, quickly frozen and vacuum packaged. To order, call this Arizona based family run company at 602-524-5732 or fax at 480-926-6755.

Another site that offers pizza treats is Arcata Pet Supplies ( Their oven baked cheese and pepperoni flavored pizza even has faux pepperoni pieces. Arcata Pets offer more than just pet treats. They boast a whole range of supplies for dogs, cats and even reptiles. You can order online or by calling their toll-free number 877-237-9488.

Speaking of calling to order pizza, writing about the topic is actually giving me a hankering to call and order a pie for home delivery. It looks like Darby is going to have to have one more pizza crust experience before she gets her own dog version.

Originally published March 2006



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