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By Sharon Gomes Thomas


I share most everything with my puppy. My water when we go to the park, my Chinese take-out (well, only the white rice because it settles her tummy) and my bed, although she sprawls and usually takes up more than her allotted half. So it’s only fitting that I share her Eau De Toilette for Dogs, the last time I headed out the door, I spritzed a little on myself.

Eau De Toilette for Dogs from Khara is an exclusive line available in the United States only by special order. This line of dog colognes comes in eight scents – like Eau Vanilla, Eau Coconut and Eau Passion Fruit, all sounding more delicious than the next. My puppy likes the Eau Fraise (strawberry) while my favorite is Eau Pomme (apple) which is light and refreshing.

Purely water based, very important as people perfumes has alcohol and propellants that are harmful to dogs, these perfumes contain natural fruit extracts. Depending on the breed, a dog’s sense of smell is about 400 times that of humans. Perfumes may sound like a good idea to replace doggie odors, but you should use something discreet, nothing that interferes with your pooch’s natural sniffing instincts. The best way is to spray a little perfume on your hand and run it over her coat. Or spray lightly on her dog bed or blanket.

Eau De Toilette for Dogs by Khara was introduced by Sonia Dunn, a native of France. Sonia has traveled around the world working for fragrance industries. She combined her passion for nature with her business expertise to start her own company devoted to dog products. Eau De Toilette from Khara is available at or by calling Sonia at (201) 476-9598.

If you’d like to pamper your dog further, try one of the Bill Bone Shampoos. I used the Tearless Puppy Shampoo, it didn’t stop my dog from wriggling in the tub and splashing water everywhere, but it did leave her smelling super clean. The Puppy Shampoo contains Chamomile, Soy Protein and Arnica Montana. The last ingredient is especially gentle on young skin.

Another great Bill Bone product is the Soothing Shampoo Creme, recommended for cold weather. Containing Wheat Protein, Orange Extract and Barbadensis, this yummy recipe has therapeutic results on irritated coats. Try not to give your dog a bath too often, if she doesn’t need it, once a month is fine especially for city dogs.

Bill Bone Shampoo was developed by Muro, an avid dog lover and make-up artist. She combined her knowledge of beauty products and scents with her interest in alternative medicine to develop this holistic line of dog shampoo. Bill Bone Shampoo is available at or at 1-800-699-9741.

Best of all, my Irish Setter loves sharing doggie kisses with me.

Originally published February 2005



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