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By Sharon Gomes Thomas


It may seem that on every other corner of‭ ‬New York City,‭ ‬you’ll stumble across a cute pet boutique or a showy doggy daycare.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬some neighborhoods are more blessed than others when it comes to a choice of discerning stores.‭ ‬If you live downtown near the eastern part of the financial district,‭ ‬an area not exactly bustling with residential buildings,‭ ‬your choices are somewhat limited.‭ ‬That’s why Tom Bruin,‭ ‬a South Street Seaport resident and his two Maltese puppies are thankful for‭ ‬The Salty Paw‭ ( ‬ ‭)‬.‭

Beauty News:‭ ‬Why‭ ‬is The Salty Paw your favorite pet boutique‭?
Tom Bruin:‭ ‬Because it really isn’t just one thing.‭ ‬It’s a pet store,‭ ‬a daycare and a grooming spa.‭ ‬It’s infinitely convenient to have all three in one location.‭ ‬The Seaport area doesn’t have a lot of stores,‭ ‬aside from the usual ones catering to the office crowd.‭ ‬The Salty Paw is different.

BN:‭ ‬So your credit card has seen some damage in the Salty Paw Boutique‭?
TB:‭ (‬Laughs‭)‬.‭ ‬Yes,‭ ‬definitely‭! ‬I get organic dog food for Bogey and Bacall‭ (‬Tom’s Maltese dogs‭) ‬as well as their dog bowls.‭ ‬And of course,‭ ‬they practically get a new toy every week.

BN:‭ ‬They also make custom coats from Black Dog Farms‭ (‬ ‭)
TB:‭ ‬And I think dog slings too.‭ ‬I haven’t ordered the custom coats because there always seems to be off-the-rack jackets for my dogs anyway.‭ ‬But I can see how‭ ‬someone with a pudgy dachshund,‭ ‬for example,‭ ‬may‭ ‬get some specially made.

BN:‭ ‬Do‭ ‬you use The Salty Paw Grooming Spa services for your dogs‭?
TB:‭ ‬I actually give Bogey and Bacall their baths at home.‭ ‬But I get a little squeamish about trimming their nails.‭ ‬So I go to Salty for that.‭

BN:‭ ‬And of course The Salty Paw’s Day Camp‭?
TB:‭ ‬My babies adore daycare‭!‬ Salty only accepts dogs‭ ‬25‭ ‬lbs or under,‭ ‬so all the pooches there are just their size.‭ ‬Also,‭ ‬there’s a‭ ‬3‭ ‬day initial trial,‭ ‬so the dogs get a rigorous assessment.‭ ‬I was really miffed about the‭ ‬3‭ ‬day trail when I signed up,‭ ‬but now I can see why it needs to happen.‭

BN:‭ ‬So what’s the best thing about the Salty Paw‭?
TB:‭ ‬That there are all these great restaurants a stone’s throw away,‭ ‬where I can have dinner outside with Bogey and Bacall‭! ‬Although,‭ ‬it’s getting cold now,‭ ‬so that doesn’t happen as often as I like‭!

The Salty Paw
Grooming Spa,‭ ‬Doggy Daycare and Boutique
38‎ ‏Peck Slip
NY,‭ ‬NY‭ ‬10038
Tel:‭ ‬212-732-BARK

Originally published December 2008

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