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By Irene Fogarty

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1. Ask your utility company for a home energy audit to find out where your home is poorly insulated or energy-inefficient.

2. Run your dishwasher only when you have a full load. Use the energy savings setting to dry the dishes. Don’t use heat when drying.

3. Wash clothes in warm or cold water, not hot.

4. Turn down your water heater thermostat: 120 degrees is usually hot enough.

5. Don’t over heat or over cool your rooms. Lower your thermostat.

6. Clean or replace air filters as recommended. Cleaning a dirty conditioner filter can save 5 % of the energy used.

7. Buy energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs for your most-used lights.

8. Install low-flow showerheads to use less hot water.

9. When buying a car, choose one that gets good gas mileage.

10. Use a carpool or mass transit to get around…or even better, walk or bike it if possible.

11. Caulk and weather-strip around doors and windows to plug air leaks.

12. Reduce waste and promote energy-efficient measures at your workplace. Work in your community to set up recycling programs.

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