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By Irene Fogarty



At the recent HBA Show in the Javitz Center, I was relieved to come across a booth that seemed like a welcome oasis among a sea of botched Botox screaming, cosmeceutical white coated professionals with over-promising messages and bad graphics.


On an earthy green and brown banner was a simple yet thought-provoking message: This is the only body you’ve got. And this is the only planet we’ve got. We promise to do our very best to take care of both. Finally, I found my home: I found Pangea Organics, ecocentric bodycare and skincare. And here’s why you need to discover them too. In addition to being the next best thing for your skin, they’re the next best thing for the environment. (Hell, they even serve scrumptious organic lunches to their co-workers and offer yoga classes after work. Corporate American, are you listening?).

Not only do these brown bottles of all natural goodness appeal to the eye, but listen to this, PO’s bodycare products start biodegrading in 48 hours! Most containers not only contain dangerous chemical foaming agents, but take up to 200 years to break down! No wonder these guys won “Best Packaging” at Expo East earlier this year. Thank you, PO, for thinking of the planet as well as our pores.

Always beneficial, never artificial. That’s one of their mottos and it sums up exacty what PO products are all about. Just one look at these ingredients and you not only see every single thing in the container but you can even check what they mean on their Ingredient Glossary on

OK let’s start with the basics. If you want a facial cleaner that really cleans your skin without drying it, you need PO’s Facial Cleanser with Egyptian Calendula & Blood Orange – it smells as good as it sounds. Calendula soothes and heals skin while the blood orange refreshes and energizes it. No synthetic preservatives, petrochemicals or parabens. Everything in the product is listed on the front of the bottle. No hidden agenda here. Just the purest, all natural/organic cleanser on the market. And as owner Joshua Onysko reminds us, not only are all ingredients “organic” but they support organic farmers worldwide, believing they are “the compassionate caretakers of your present and our future”!

On top of all this, I can honestly say I look forward to cleaning my face every morning. With “clean” hands and just one small pump, you can give yourself a mini 2-minute facial. Rub it in with circular motion and then wash off, pat dry. Your skin will feel incredibly soft and ready for step 2.

Thyme for toner. You have a couple of choices here. The Argentine Tangerine &Thyme is great for smoothing oily to demanding skin, relieving tension as the thyme, acting as ant-oxidant and astringent, deeply cleans and fights infection. For a slightly gentler option, try the Italian Green Mandarin With Sweet Lime – sweet, detoxifying and refreshing. Just take a look at the beautiful list of ingredients; all that natural goodness is going straight into your pores. You can glow all day knowing this! Spritz away. Since you’ve hydrated and refreshed your skin, you’re ready for some natural nourishment – cream.

French Chamomile and Orange Blossom (sounds like a Jo Malone fragrance!) for oily skin is great for hydrating, calming and soothing allergic, sensitive skin. Italian Red Mandarin and Roses uplifts dry, dull skin and deeply moisturizes without ever blocking your pores. And the ingredients? Organic lavender, organic cocoa seed butter, coconut oil…oh don’t get me started. I’m already drooling! Other PO creams include: Malagasy Ylang Ylang & Linden Flower, Egyptian Fennel With Rosemary & Mint, and Nigerian Ginger, Sweet Lavender & Thyme.

Before I finish I’d like to add, that being the all-natural nut that I am, I rarely get the opportunity to review a skin and bodycare line/company that is really 100% all natural or all organic. So many of the big cosmetic companies are jumping on the “green” and “mind body and soul” band wagon regardless of their preservative, chemical, SLS-ridden, alcohol, perfumed, artificial products. Sorry but catchy phrases like “green tea” “anti-oxidants” “vitamin E” don’t fool all readers into believing it’s natural. It’s not! Just look at the label on the back – there’s the proof in the puddin’. So I would like to say Pangea Organics wasn’t just a refreshing breath of fresh air at the HBA convention, but sets the standard for products that are not only effective, but also conscious and gracious to everyone and every thing involved.


Pangea Products are (and always will be):

– Crafted by artisans in small batches, using pure organic ingredients that replenish the skin
– Hand blended to soothe or stimulate the senses
– Preserved using the gentlest methods to retain the nurturing properties of the botanicals in each customized blend
– Intentionally sourced from organic farmers through fair trade practices whenever possible.
– Honest: if it’s in their products it’s on the label.

Sick of my ecocentric yabbering? Well get used to it ‘cos I’m going be talking a lot about more PO products as I find them! And you should also take a look at the testimonial section on their site.

Pick up PO products in any Whole Food Store and some of the better health stores and spas in the city: Priti Organics Spa, Sweet Lily Natural, East West Living and of course, my favorite, Commodities on the corner of 1st Ave. Too lazy? Go to [url=][/url] where you can buy all their products and learn even more interesting things from this cool Colorado company. Or give ’em a call, they’re so friendly: 1-877-679-5854, [[email protected]][email protected][/url]

Originally published June 2006



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