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By Eva Whalen


If you know your dosha type, and even if you don’t, Body Bistro’s botanical, ayurvedic-based skin products will nourish and enhance your skin. Doshas are the ayurvedic body and temperament types, and products are categorized by the three ayurvedic dosha types – vata, kapha, and pitta – as well as mixed doshas so that everyone can benefit. Vatas tend to have dry skin, kaphas oily, and pittas sensitive. Many people are a mix of two or even all three doshas.

Body Bistro blends herbal extracts from Burma, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia and India with the latest in skin biotechnology for a unique set of products, divided into cleansers, elixirs, and remedies. All products are 100% vegan, formulated according to the bylaws of Ayurveda, and blessed with Buddhist and Hindu chants for purifying, balancing, and nurturing properties.

Cleansers for tridoshas include a pineapple and lime wash with kelp, coriander, basil, and lemon peel, and a cleansing milk made with orange blossom, sandalwood oil, soybean oil, and sesame oil. Since vatas tend to have dry skin, Body Bistro has formulated for them a tomato-alma fruit cleanser with avocado, sunflower, and apricot kernels. Since pittas tend to have sensitive skin, their cleanser includes gotu kola, lemongrass, and oat kernel. Kaphas have a cleanser with lemon peel, turmeric (fights free radicals), clove, and yucca to help combat oil.

Body Bistro’s remedy products are similarly geared for tridoshas and individual skin/dosha types. The carrot and sandalwood eye butter is for all skin types, and so are the tangerine-sandalwood lightening remedy, the avocado and neem skin protectant, and the apricot-lavender soothing serum. Elixirs are as effective as they are sweet-smelling, with ingredients like cucumber and basil for tridoshas, tomato and sage for vatas, orange and lavender for pittas, and apricot and neem for kaphas. Body Bistro elixirs are meant to either refine, tone, hydrate, or rejuvenate. Other ingredients used in Body Bistro elixirs are willow bark (a skin smoother), neem leaf (an antibacterial and antiseptic), alma fruit (contains AHA and vitamin C), and the high-tech wrinkle reducer matrixyl.

Located in Beverly Hills, CA, orders for Body Bistro products can be placed on and by telephoning 877.7BISTRO or 310.859.8788. Your body will thank you.

Originally published October 2004



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