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By Irene Fogarty


When I asked Wayne Zink, Partner/Marketing Guru of ESCC, how and why he got involved with the Endangered Species Chocolate Company, his answer was simple. “I found myself in a unique situation. I was in a company where the cause is the brand and the brand is the cause.” Huh? Simply put, ESCC is about making chocolate to support endangered species. So, by simply eating one of these delicious chocolate bars, you’re raising money to support endangered species and habitat recovery.

Don’t be skeptical of the taste; ESCC has its own chocolatier, Curt Wagner, who uses his secret recipe for a 100 percent vegan Belgian dark chocolate that’s absolutely scrumptious. I tried the Sea Turtle Bar – dark chocolate and blueberries, which have antioxidants that improve your memory. I couldn’t help thinking, now if I just had a glass of Chateau Pape du Neuf I’d be in heaven!

What I love about this environmentally aware chocolate company is that they inform readers about the cause. On the inside label of each bar is educational information about the plight of the particular endangered species it’s named after. One-quarter of the cost of each bar goes to fund the many nature, animal rights, and environmental organizations whose work the ESCC supports.

Imagine a World without Butterflies
ESCC also makes baby bars, premium organic smooth dark chocolate with 70 percent cocoa content, that are perfect for kids’ lunch boxes. Inside the wrapper, you’ll learn endangered species like the Karner Blue Butterfly, which is becoming endangered because of shrinking habitats. As a result, this delicate brilliant blue-winged insect is found in only seven states. So, as you chomp on your chocolate bar, read label and learn how you can create a butterfly sanctuary in your own backyard, and help conserve and preserve nature and wildlife.

Endangered Species Chocolate Bars are available in the following varieties: Tiger Bar, Belgian dark chocolate and cracked organic espresso beans; Rainforest Bar, Belgian dark chocolate and deep forest mint; Yellowstone Wolf Bar, Belgian dark chocolate, toasted organic almonds, and cranberries; Grizzly Bar, dark chocolate and raspberries; Chimp Bar, smooth dark chocolate; Sea Turtle Bar, dark chocolate and blueberries; Bat Bar, 75 percent intense dark chocolate with cocoa nibs; and the Black Panther Bar, extreme dark chocolate made with 88 percent.

ESCC bars can be found in most health food stores throughout the city so there’s no excuse to support Mars and Co. My old favorite carries them, Natural Commodities on First Avenue, as well Health Nut, Healthy Pleasures, Wild Oats stores, and Dylan’s Candy Bar. Don’t be surprised to see how fast they’re selling out. Sales are up 110 percent this year!

So next time you’re waiting in the fast moving checkout line at Whole Foods, pick up an ESCC bar and treat yourself. The Black Panthers, tigers, Grizzly Bears, and Karner Blue Butterflies will love you for it, and so will we.

Each 3 oz bar costs $2.75 and 10 percent goes to the cause. To find a store near you or order online, go to

Originally published November 2005



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