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By Irene Fogarty


One busy Wednesday in September, I snuck out of work from 12-2 p.m. to hit the booths at Whole Food’s first Spa & Wellness day. I literally ran around greeting a slew of wonderful all-natural companies. Some of them I already knew and had written about (Collective Wellbeing and Jason), but others were new to me. Nearly all of them were demonstrating their lines with mini makeovers and facials.

Of course, the ever-friendly Organic Works girls were ready to arm us with their tree-like rubber bag so all-natural-beauty enthusiasts like myself could load up on samples from all the participants: Kimberly Sayer of London, Lavera Skincare, EcoBella (cosmetics), Larenim (cosmetics), Pooka (body), Jason / Earth’s Best Baby / Zia products, Collective Wellbeing, Suki Naturals Mini Facials, Country Life & Desert Essence Cream, Jay Robb Enterprises (protein drinks), John Master Organics (hair) and Kuumba Fragrances.

With a number of representatives from some of the most cutting-edge, organic cosmetic companies giving hand massages, hair treatments, and other pampering services, you could feel a great buzz up and down the aisles. Just as Whole Foods is the leader in providing natural and organic foods to ingest, Whole Body is as selective in their offerings of topical treatments. So, if you’ve never heard of some of these lines, here are a few facts that prove they’re worthy of space in Whole Body and your bathroom: they all use real ingredients, maintain high concentrations of active ingredients, and following strict production standards. Finally a superstore in the city that carries more than one or two brands of skin and body care and something other than those green leafy, oatmealy options that are old news!

In celebration of this organic skin care mecca, over the next few months I’m going to focus on one or two of these new organic lines I discovered. For this month, here’s the lowdown on Kimberly Sayer.

Here’s a line that’s going to make big news on the organic beauty shelves. Kimberly has created an exclusive, hand-blended skincare collection that works on all skin types and all budgets.

In their classic yet simple Jo-Malonish containers, there’s something regal about this line and it’s not just the fact they’re made by an English aesthetician.

While she analyzes your skin, she also educates you on the ingredients of her pure yet effective products. Grown only on organic soil, Kimberly has spent years carefully blending the right herbs, flowers, plants, and botanicals to create balanced formulas to harmonize and balance the skin internally. Because she reminds you that your skin “is the biggest organ” you have, she feeds it with all-natural goodness that’s gentle yet stimulating enough to make a difference. Here are the ones I highly recommend.

Lavender Flower Water Toner
Suitable for dry, sensitive and normal skin, this refreshing
* Does not disturb the skin’s P.H. level, gently balances it.
* Heals rosacea, removes redness/irritation.

If you suffer with rosacea, apply this product to damp cotton pads and place in the affected areas for 15-20 minutes. You’ll notice a reduction in redness.

Cellular Extract Eye Lift Gel
How many times a week do people ask me where can I get a good eye cream? This is a tough one because not all skincare lines that make great moisturizers make great eye creams. You really need to try many to the to see how they absorb. My latest is Kimberly Sayer’s Cellular Extract Eye Lift Gel. Perfect for all skin types, especially aging skin, this ultra light formula lifts and firms eye tissue considerably. It’s easily absorbed to bind moisture on a cellular level. It’s so light you can use it twice daily with daytime moisturizer and night cream.

Want to get hand-on experience of Kimberly’s magic? Get one of her massages or spa treatments at the Affinia Wellness Spa at The Benjamin Hotel, 125 East 50th Street, New York, 212.414.7701.Contact Kimberly with any questions regarding suggestions about products. Kimberly Sayer 250 West 50th St., Suite 17A, New York 212.414.7701 [[email protected]][email protected][/email].

Originally published October 2005



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