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By Irene Fogarty

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This quote wasn’t the only beautiful thing that caught my eye when I went to the Davies Gate website. A final thought on their poetic opening home page warmed my heart: ” We like dogs from the pound.”

At these times, I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to write about the “smaller,” less commercial, less moneyed, less marketed, more organic brands, whose passion for “natural living” is matched with a conscience as big as their hearts.

From the packaging to the products they use, Davies Gate is a company that has something new to offer: all natural simplicity.

Take the name Davies Gate. Sounds like an ex-Bread singer right? And when you read the ballad-like “lyrics” on the site and their products, you’re even more convinced it could be. Davies Gate actually stands for Ellen and Jack Davies, husband and wife team, co-founders (slash gardeners, herbalists, poets, photographers) and creators of Davies Gate.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they release a debut CD some time soon! (It would sound something like John Mayer mixed with Dave Matthews cum James Taylor!) On top of all this, I hear they’re genuinely “nice” people – but I knew that simply from their homepage. Read it. You’ll see what I mean.

(I’ll be able back this up, after I interview the couple next month for my exclusive on all Davies Gate products).

Heavenly down-to-earth scents
Davies Gate’s Flower Garden Eau de Parfums is a collection of fragrances based on flowers grown in the great gardens of the world. They stir up a feeling of earthy warmness. You hear, feel, and smell the gardener’s knowledge and passion of plants as DG uses them to create their own natural products. In this case, signature scents we all love – sage, lavender, white clove, and lemon thyme.

And here’s something for all those “greener” thumbs, DG has replaced many conventionally grown botanicals with certified organic ones, thus ensuring the highest level of product purity and matching the organic standards of the experimental garden.

As high-quality certified organic ingredients become available from reliable sources, Davies Gate will continue this transformation in all their products. It only takes a few simple steps to make a big difference to the soil and Mother Earth. Thank you for being so respectful to Mother Nature.

Nothing banal about verbena
Question: What is verbena? An herb? A flower? A drink?
Answer: It’s a flower that originates from China and is sometimes called the “sacred flower” because of its beautifully vivid color. In fact, Chinese lovers often exchange it. It usually blooms from August to May. Just thought you might like to know that!

Verbena makes good scents
So, what’s your favorite scent? If you love citrus fragrances, you’ll love verbena. It’s crisp, clean and lemony but never too pungent. You can smell the “naturalness” of it compared to some of the more chemical-laden “fruity” scents on the market today. If you like verbena, you’re going to love DG’s Verbena’s Flower Eau De Parfum.

Good things come in their packages Here’s what you can expect from Davies Gate. A square neutral colored box, with the word “Verbena” (and the Latin name, Verbena Hybrida), inscribed on the top of the box.

It almost feels as though it was hand written, hand picked, and made just for you. There is a brief description on the box of the product’s “crisp, green scent”. Then the scent is poetically described as reminiscent of the cobblestone streets and the walled gardens of Granada, Spain where “verbana fills hot summer afternoons with a citrus-like perfume”.

And if you’ve never been there, it doesn’t matter, you get the picture. How cool.

Simply beautiful and beautifully simple
Even more surprising was the beautiful glass shaped bottle. It’s snow globe-like shape makes you want to cradle it in your hand. The light yellow color of the verbena scent matches the label on the box, and the bottle simply has a small round label with “verbena” and “Davies Gate” on it.

Being environmentally conscious, Davies Gate doesn’t include a lid. The metallic- topped spray is designed in a warm, thoughtful Japanese-minimalist style. You can almost feel the love and care that went into choosing the product’s design, ingredients, copy, aromas, and sentiments for these fragrances. You’ll be so enrapt that you may want to get the entire collection: Jasmine, Jonquil, Camellia, Lilac and Lily. Imagine how beautiful these colorful, dreamy orbs will look in your bathroom or bedroom. Just looking at them is relaxing.

Iris bliss
Let me laud another! Try the Iris Eau de Parfum. Mmmmm. It has a light purple colored label on the box with iris (Lat: iridaceae), and we’re told these violet velvet petals give a subtle spice scent that “grace a landscape of greenery at the Botanic Gardens in Geneva Switzerland.” Interesting. But here’s the sweet smelling part: the iris is a favorite of gardeners and painters because of its “rainbow range of colors and regal beauty”. Oh, how Davies Gate has me fawning at their feet!

Deliciously addictive
What’s also nice about these scents is that they’re strong enough so you don’t have to repeatedly spritz yourself for effect. Since they’re eau de parfums and use a grain alcohol (less harmful than most alcohols found in perfumes), you’ll find that the scent lingers. I like to spray my scarf and clothes so I can get a whiff of the fragrance throughout the day. They’re so deliciously addictive, they give a new meaning to “obsession”!

Of course, Davies Gate is a lot more than heavenly scents from the earth. In an upcoming article, you’re going to learn more about all their products. From Pink Grapefruit Warm Milk & Sugar Body Scrub to their Pure Organic Skincare line, you’ll discover what makes this grassroots brands so organic, so beautiful, and so good for you. Perhaps their secret is what they say so eloquently yet succinctly on their site: “Nature is inspiration.”

For a store near you, call 1-888-398-9010. (Or go to for more beautiful poetic truths.

Originally published February 2005



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4 Responses to ““Fragrance is the language of love and memory” – Davies Gate”

Debbie Says:

Where can I get your perfume, zip code 97601 or 97501

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Christopher Szaz Says:

Call 1-888-398-9010, or go to to get that information. We do not sell any products on this site.

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benita elmi Says:

I have been looking for garden made parfum by davies gate. If it is no longer available , what scent is similar.

Posted on

irene fogarty Says:

Hello Debbie and Benita,

Thanks for your inquiries.

If you cannot find the Davies Gate scent you love, find out what it’s main fragrance, like bergamot, vanilla, gardenia etc. Then try to find other natural or semi-natural fragrances that use these scents. I think Jo Malone is v good one as they make a lot of new fresh fragrances. That said, there is a little alcohol in the ingredients and so it’s not 100% natural.

Plus, this article was written 8 yrs ago, so as you know many companies stop making fragrances due to demand etc. Such a pity. But the good news is that there are more all-natural perfume co.s now than ever before.

Best of luck and keep me posted,


Paris BeautyNews Editor

Posted on

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