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By Irene Fogarty


I will just say one thing about my feet and never bring them up again: they’re clawed. OK. One ex wrote a poem to them expressing how they were the most unusual, artistic, left foot feet he had ever come across. You get the picture. So I’ve never been comfortable exposing them anywhere, even for a pedicure. And now I don’t need to because I can do it at home in the shower or after the shower.

Thanks to Kathy’s Family, an all-natural and organic 4-step foot therapy with tea tree oil and Dead Sea salt, I can give my feet a real treat — one that would be hard to beat in any spa in the city. Here’s how it all works.

STEP 1: Aunt Mabel’s Foot Bath for better circulation.
For starters, this 100% natural footbath brings instant relief to hot, tired, achy feet. I love the Dead Sea salt which helps circulation and relieves minor skin irritations. It’s like a sauna/spa for your feet. Lovely.

STEP 2: Swanson Kid’s Foot Scrub for softening calluses and hard skin.
Forget pumices. Again the 100% natural foot scrub exfoliates, cleanses and softens dry skin and callous-prone feet. It smells heavenly as therapeutic essential oils, as well as sunflower oil, vegetable glycerin and Dead Sea salt go to work on your feet.

STEP 3: Uncle Bill’s Foot Balm repairs cracked heels.
This healing formula with certified organic olive oil is a nourishing lubricant and the alfalfa is a protein rich skin conditioner. It’s so rich and luscious you’ll love just rubbing it in…or maybe you have someone else to do that for you. (Someone who won’t write poetry devoted to your extremities.)

STEP 4: Aunt Roy’s Foot Powder for fresher feet.
Surprise! Surprise! Another 100% natural and 85% organic filled product. This cooling, talc-free (very important, readers!) herb and cornstarch blend absorbs moisture, soothes, refreshes and relieves itching and burning feet. Perfect way to end your pedicure. I like to sprinkle it into my socks after the gym. I leave with an extra bounce in my stride!

A little on Kathy and her family – Kathy Swanson, founder of KF, which began in 2002, just sounds like one of those people you could talk to for ages. I’ve only spoken to her twice on the phone and I can tell she’s a sweetheart. SO I wasn’t surprised when I saw the wholesome goodness of her products. As she says herself, “We not only want to encourage consumers to read our ingredients and stress the importance of what is in a product, we want to shout ‘Look at me! I’ve nothing to hide!'” That’s why she lists all of the ingredients right on the front of the label.

Of course KF products are meticulous when it comes to ingredients. Each product is a blend of carefully selected botanicals, pure plant and essential oils and extracts, clays, herbs, flowers, grains, honey and organic ingredients. As Kathy says she wants all labels to read like your favorite recipe. Nice!

In addition to wonderfully effective, all natural products, I love this woman’s philosophy. Coming from an ad background I also love her mission statement. “This mission statement was not generated by an expensive public relations firm or ad agency. It comes from our hearts.” Oh if only more of corporate American and bigger companies would say and mean such stuff, we’d live in a different world.

Finally, on the back of one of KF’s brochures, I caught a little touch that made me smile: “Never tested on animals…but thoroughly tested on my family. ” Aren’t they the lucky ones!

For more information on Kathy’s Family and all their wonderful organic products, go to or call 1-866-634-0008.

Originally published April 2006



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