• What would happen if all of us started buying our food directly from local farmers? Well, first of all we could have everything from vegetables to meats to dairy stocked in our tiny urban kitchens. Our food would be farm fresh and loaded with flavor and nutrients. We’d become healthier and probably lose weight. We’d <... >

  • At the recent HBA Show in the Javitz Center, I was relieved to come across a booth that seemed like a welcome oasis among a sea of botched Botox screaming, cosmeceutical white coated professionals with over-promising messages and bad graphics. On an earthy green and brown banner was a simple yet thought-provoking message: This is <... >

  • I’m a hands-on type of gal: I love to give facials. Not that I’m a professional or anything, but since I cherish that feeling of healing hands on my face and I’m fortunate enough to experience facials regularly, there’s nothing nicer than to give one back. And since so many readers ask me how can <... >

  • If you’re as natural-minded as me, you’ve got a dilemma on your hands (and feet) regarding mani-pedis. How, oh how can we avoid those highly toxic nail polishes but still have pretty colored toes accentuating our Christian Louboutin sandals? And how, oh how can we enjoy the spa experience while making sure nothing but natural <... >

  • After two months on the Doctor’s Detox and Cleanse, I’m happy to report I’m a new woman. I’m off coffee and refined sugar and gliding on natural energy. No more anxiety or mild depression. No more calls to the OBGYN. I stopped wearing foundation during the day. I’ve been regular for the first time in <... >

  • Perhaps the most important diet most women go on in their whole lives is the diet that ends with them slipping into a gorgeous white dress for their big day. Well, my dear Princesses, Beauty News has heard your cries for help and reached out to one of the best Holistic Nutritionists in the entire <... >

  • pinks_roses
  • After the initial euphoria and happy delirium of my boyfriend’s proposal, I buckled right down to business with my mother and a few girlfriends to begin THE PROCESS…that is, the whole frenzied business of planning my ultimate fairy-tale wedding (this is when latent princess complex explodes to the surface). I remember the first thing I <... >

  • KristenKammeraad
  • You know the name from her delicious, delicate, all-natural fruit and flower inspired fragrances — the ones that put those other pungent designer scents to shame. But did you know that before her fragrance fame, Jo Malone made her very own skincare products? Skincare has always been at the forefront of JM’s business. Refusing science, <... >

  • Ironically, my Sugar Struggle turned into a Coffee Conundrum. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. So, I put down the coffee next to the sugar and reminded myself that occasionally we’re meant to feel uncomfortable. The Universe twists us into awkward positions. Then we unravel and grow. I’m learning to make friends with my <... >

  • I’m not a morning person. Never was, never will be. The sound of an alarm physically upsets me. It takes me ’bout half an hour to realize who I am, where I am and what I need to do: I’m a mess. But now that I’m my own boss, and still have to do my <... >

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