• This quote wasn’t the only beautiful thing that caught my eye when I went to the Davies Gate website. A final thought on their poetic opening home page warmed my heart: ” We like dogs from the pound.” At these times, I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to write about the “smaller,” less <... >

  • demeter_logo
  • Christopher Gable loves to cook, and as co-founder and vice president of marketing for the Demeter Fragrance Library, his culinary abilities have come in handy. Over the years, his hobby and his vocation have grown together and have come to influence one another significantly. He works hard to get all of the ingredients right for <... >

  • Caudalieinstantfoamingcleanser1
  • I love it! Finally I can justify my love of red wine! From syrah to Bordeaux to pinot noir, my love of wines has been cultivated from an early age. Forget pints of Guinness, in my Irish household we had a bottle of red every Sunday dinner with our Mom’s roast beef. And now I <... >

  • toothache_heartache
  • Toothache vs. Heartache? There’s probably no pain as bad as tooth pain. You can ignore a tummy ache, a headache, a pulled muscle, but anything to do with your teeth gets on your nerves…can make you crazy. Didn’t some tyrant in some world war torture prisoners by…? Ouch! So when I got two wisdom teeth <... >

  • body_bistro_logo
  • If you know your dosha type, and even if you don’t, Body Bistro’s botanical, ayurvedic-based skin products will nourish and enhance your skin. Doshas are the ayurvedic body and temperament types, and products are categorized by the three ayurvedic dosha types – vata, kapha, and pitta – as well as mixed doshas so that everyone <... >

  • infusions1
  • When I found the store for SCO, I walked in wondering if I was in the right place. It looked more like a cool, sleek minimalist bar than a skincare store. Perhaps that’s the idea. The counter has a couple of steel stools and behind the walls instead of bottles of liquors were long glass <... >

  • teaparty
  • When it comes to beauty how deep can you get? I mean how existential can one become about mascara, eye shadow or lip gloss? After all, as my Dad always says, beauty is only skin-deep, right? Relax and take a seat on the couch. We’re not talking Freud or Jung. We’re just getting a little <... >

  • 732_th
  • The birth of Zia is almost similar to that of grunge band Nirvana, or even Bill Gates in his garage working on his first software. It all began in a small apartment in San Francisco in 1984. Just two girls making all sorts of concoctions to create all natural, organic products. Twenty years later, they <... >

  • It’s not often I get entwined in other people’s life stories when I’m analyzing anti-wrinkle cream. But this time I did. And before you think, “oh no not another tear jerking drama”, save your Kleenex for Sex and the City…oops, it’s over, isn’t it! This is not just an interesting story with a happy ending. <... >

  • perfumebottles
  • Obsession. Crave. Poison. Ever wonder why the most commercial perfumes are a little addictive? Sure we all like to smell good. But why do we long to spray our bodies with these chemically-laden potions that can be so pungent, the vapors go up your nose, causing your eyes start to water. So all you want <... >

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