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By Irene Fogarty


A few years back I was on a cleaning campaign that involved cleaning bathrooms with vinegar. I went to visit my sister in London and while she was at work, I worked on her entire bathroom: the tub, sink, faucets, everything with white vinegar and toothpaste. The place gleamed and I was thrilled with the results until her roommate complained of the weird smell. The nerve! Not only had I slaved for hours scrubbing on my knees but also I had provided a sparkling clean bathroom with no chemicals that just might prevent cancer! That was four years ago, so now I’m proud to announce a new site that’s on the same campaign with more pleasing aromas: – and it’s for all of us.

Eco-me, is an LA based site that was recently launched by a brave New Yorker, Robin Levine. With a darling sister Leslie, who was suffering from breast cancer for no apparent reason, (no family history and rather “healthy”), Robin began to question what could possibly cause this: pollutants, everyday pollutants we use in our homes, on our skin, in our food, pollutants that surround us.

Out of her studying, Robin founded to help us keep our lives (and bathrooms) cleaner from chemicals, carcinogens and perhaps from cancers. For this I congratulate her for creating something that makes a difference for everyone.

Order an Eco-Me Home Cleaning Kit for less than $30.00 and you can create your own chemical-free cleaning products for a safe and natural home: The kit Includes:

  • 1 natural fiber storage bag
  • 2 spray bottles for mixing spray cleaner and polish
  • 1 jar for mixing scrub cleanser
  • 1 natural bristle scrub brush
  • 1 handy mixer
  • 1 microfiber cleaning cloth
  • 1 bottle Eco-Me essential oil home blend

Easy to follow instructions show you how to mix ingredients right from your own kitchen. Just add your own: oil, vinegar, water and baking soda
Mix some of ours: Eco-Me essential oil home blend.

Eco-Me’s proprietary blend of essential oils aid in removing dirt, mildew, mold, water stains and other household grime. Remember, one bottle of Eco-Me essential oil home blend will last for 2 fills of each product — that’s 6 cleaning products in just 1 kit!

Think of what you save and what you will do for your bathroom and for the environment. What’s more, of the meagerly $26 dollars you pay for the Eco-cleaning kit, Eco-me donates 10% of the proceeds online sales to charities supporting breast cancer research, education and support. This is a small effort to make a big chance. And for that, and other reasons, I salute Eco-me. I will cover each and every one of the kits so you can safely clean your house, your skin, your pet and in the process, your soul.

Nice work Eco-me…suddenly you’ve made us feel, it ‘s so not about “me”, but all of us. And eh, for my sister’s roommate, checkout eco-news for all the reasons “why we love white vinegar” – not than I’m the revengeful type or anything!

For more info, contact [email protected] and they’ll get a cleaning kit out to you right away.

Originally published September 2006



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