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By Laura Peterson


Most of us would agree – anything that improves or preserves both our health and the planet has got to be a good thing. So how good would you feel to know you are also making a difference for your great-great-great-great-great grandchildren?

With a company name derived from the Iroquois belief that “in our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations,” Seventh Generation is the nation’s leader in safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly household products. The products include household cleaners, paper products, and baby diapers and wipes, and they all work just as well as their toxic counter-parts without leaving us (and the planet) worse off for the use. The fumes from synthetic chemical cleaners are worse for our health than outdoor pollutants, because we are breathing them in a confined environment. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, as you’re probably now remembering the last time you emerged from cleaning your bathroom with your eyes tearing and that sick, tight feeling in your lungs and stomach. We work so hard to rid our homes of harmful things, and yet the very products we use to clean are only replacing bacteria with dangerous toxins. Not exactly the sort of trade we were hoping for! Seventh Generation products clean the way we want them to clean – in a gentle, non-toxic way that really works. For ourselves and especially our floor dwelling, put-their-mouths-on-everything family members (children and pets, though if this description brought to mind someone else, you have a fascinating household!), this difference means significantly better lifelong health.

As if this wasn’t enough of a global contribution from the folks at Seventh Generation, their long list of charitable work and community involvement (and subsequent awards and recognition) warrants a standing ovation from the crowd. Seventh Generation supports other non-profit organizations whose goals are planetary betterment, such as Citizens Clearing House for Hazardous Waste, Environmental Health Research Foundation, and Friends of the Earth. They also provide cash and product donations to local community groups. The company also works towards their goal/motto — “to make the world a better place” — through their membership in such organizations as the Social Venture Network, Chlorine Free Products Association, and Green Seal Environmental Partners.

Seventh Generation’s website only focuses about 20% on their products, and instead serves as a hub of information (and inspiration!) on environmental issues, as well as political calls-to-action. Also according to the website, in 10 years Seventh Generation alone has saved 327,800 trees, 123,642,500 gallons of water and 233,000 pounds of greenhouse gas (the kind that causes global warming). I’m standing and applauding. Are you?

You can find Seventh Generation products at Whole Foods, as well as numerous other natural food markets around the city. Seventh Generation will also be available at Target in the near future!

Originally published August 2005



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