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By Jessa Moore


I have always been one of those girls with delicate flower like complexions. I don’t wear much makeup because I can only use the gentlest products on my face. I dread the sun, because I can never find a sunscreen that doesn’t wreak havoc on my skin. My face has all the issues of sensitive ski n – the tightness, the burning, the occasional blemish, and redness after applying skin care products. I am, however, slightly vain about the lovely glow that accompanies my skin when I manage to find something that can care for it without making it break out. Temperature changes, laundry detergents, cosmetics, fragrances, dyes, all can make my skin react badly. In my continuing quest for glowing skin, I’ve found several products that stand out and have helped me achieve the glow.

Lumene Sensitive Touch is unique in that it is both clinically allergen and asthma-approved. It is a line of products based on Finnish Linen seed, completely organically grown and pesticide free. The 100% organic Linen seed contains omega-3’s that help fight free radicals as well as calm skin. It is also the most complete line in that it can travel well- it has Cleansing Wipes in a resealable pack, and it contains the only travel wipes I tried that removed makeup and didn’t irritate my skin. The Cleansing Emulsion and Toner are both effective and gentle, both in removing makeup and soothing skin. And the Daily Moisture Cream protects and soothes when used in conjunction with the Comforting Night Cream. The combination of ingredients are not only formulated for soothing effect, but redness relief, and have anti-aging properties.

Available: CVS stores and

A fascinating product that I was initially wary of is Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser, which serves as a full regime of cleanser and moisturizer in one. It’s an aromatic balm made with essential oils, which I ordinarily avoid as much as possible – believing that they will irritate my skin. In this case, facialist Eve Lom has formulated a creamy cleanser out of carrot oil, papaya enzymes, hops, clove, eucalyptus, and Egyptian chamomile that is massaged onto skin and then left on for two minutes. In those two minutes, it clarifies without irritation and leaves skin soft and supple, healing pimples and softening lines. It’s meant to be used with a more heavy duty cleanser at night, but I found it worked well with any rinse off cleansers that were followed with a moisturizer. It’s a cult classic, and rightfully so. My skin never looked clearer or more radiant.

Available: SpaceNK Stores and

Sensitive skin can be caused by many different triggers, some of which are not obvious even to doctors. A more serious skin care line, one recommended by dermatologists even for patients who have skin made fragile by such traumas as a glycolic peel, or by people who have skin that cannot tolerate even a moisturizer with, yes, water, in it, is Ultra Calming by Dermalogica. It contains the patented UltraCalming Complex which is a neurogenic complex, which means it soothes the skin by working on the nerves and soothing both the nerves and immune response. It’s a fancy way of saying the system works by calming both the immune response and nerve response. This system uses a sophisticated blend of both natural ingredients and synthetics to calm the skin in a system of five basic products- UltraCalming Cleanser, UltraCalming Relief Masque, UltraCalming Mist, UltraCalming Serum Concentrate, and the remarkable waterless Moisturizer Barrier Repair, which dries matte, and doesn’t interfere with sunscreen or makeup. The products work synergistically to calm down redness, itching and burning and restore moisture while combating the signs of aging.

Available: and Dermalogica Academy(140 West 22nd Street) and Dermalogica in Soho (110 Grand Street)

After a lot of trial and error, I have found success. I can now wear less concealer and I’m more comfortable in my skin, in more ways than one. My face is smoother and more even toned, I have no need for any foundation. A light coat of lip gloss and mascara and I’m good to glow!

Originally published September 2010



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