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By Kimberly McDonald


Honestly, facials are a bit intimidating. Or so I thought before meeting Paula Genna. Paula is the star facialist at the Warren Tricomi salon and spa located in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center. And she is, in my estimation, the best facialist in town.

There is something about the very nature of lying under a lighted magnifying lens that’s extremely unnerving. First of all, everyone on the planet thinks that their pores are too big (and if you don’t, I hate you already).

So you’re lying there thinking that this creature, who has perfect skin herself, is wondering if you have ever tried carrying spare change in your mammoth pores…and you realize that there is very little about the process that’s relaxing to you.

I went to see Paula, expecting the same old routine. What I found was something unexpectedly different. Yes, there was still a lighted magnifying lens…but there was no angst, no attitude, and no spare change concerns. Paula is just about as gentle as they come in touch and manners. Right from the start, I felt very comfortable with her. Paula’s main concern is educating her client. During the facial, there was steaming, cleansing, and even the dreaded extractions (she is THE MASTER of this technique), I peppered Paula with many, many questions like; what causes a blackhead or how to best insure that you’ve removed the grime of the city at the end of each day. She had answered them all.

Paula was not only informative but also very understanding of the busy stressful lives we lead here in the Big Apple, and how easily a girl’s skin can go from friend to foe. Most of all she leads you to the realization that all of those no-pore women we hate are just like you and I. Oh yeah, they’ve got pores. But they also have Paula around to keep their skin in phenomenal condition, so nobody notices them.

The Warren Tricomi Spa uses only the finest products from Yon-Ka Paris. Yon-Ka is a fantastic line that is based on plant extracts. If you have sensitive of problem skin, it can be your new secret weapon. Yon-Ka uses not only the fragrant part of the plant, its revitalizing essential oil charged with solar energy, but all of the complementary ingredients contained in plant and marine extracts: Vitamins, trace elements, fruit acids, and more.

The personalized treatment philosophy of Yon-Ka is also Paula’s. The quality of a treatment rests on perfect knowledge of the skin; specific and accurate analysis of its needs and the mastery of products and application methods. Because of her command of skin care and treatments and the use of this line, which combines aromatherapy and phytotherapy, Paula is able to advise her clients and suggest personalized treatments for their skin. She feels that it is a component of both physical and mental well-being.

For a fresh new way to ‘face’ this New Year, call the Warren Tricomi Spa at 45 Rockefeller Plaza, at (212) 218-8650 and book yourself an appointment. They also offer facials for your back. You can keep your skin smooth, silky, and ready for backless black tie dresses and bathing suits for your midwinter jaunt to the Caribbean.

Originally published January 2005



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