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By Stephanie Nolasco


Here’s the situation: The night is young, your girlfriends are already heading to that amazing nightclub by Nolita and you look, well…horrid. Yes we live in the city that never sleeps, but the lack of getting a good night’s rest can cause major damage to your physique. Not getting your daily dose of eight hours can cause dreaded dark circles, puffiness, and worst of them all, fine lines and wrinkles. Sadly, no tequila shot at any hot spot can make us forget what’s happening to our face and there’s only so much foundation you can apply before patrons realize you’re faking it with less than pretty results. This annoying battle is faced by many dancers of the dark with once fresh faces appearing tired and run down. If eyes are the windows to our souls, then we better start taking care of them even if the damage has already been done. In a quest to solve our nightlife woes, we’ve discovered the best eye cures to keep you looking gorgeous without covering up. Hoot!

Problem: Dark Circles

Scenario: It’s a Friday night and those happy hour Cosmos at your favorite watering hole are becoming as old as “Sex and the City” reruns. You’re ready to let your inner college wild child out at a club that guarantees all the debauchery and feel-good dance beats that has made New York City nightlife infamous. Naturally, you’re ready to head down to the oldest nightclub in town where the city’s top rock bands and rave DJs take over. The velvet ropes are tough and heading up those stairs when you’ve conveniently sipped on dirty martinis before your arrival may be a pain, but Webster Hall on Manhattan’s East Village is a classic that can’t be beaten. You’re shaking your moneymaker with trapeze artists, mingling with models, and getting a musical high with Crystal Method at the decks. In just a blink of an eye, you’re passed out on your bed with a stranger that resembles Weird Al Yankovic in drag rather than a young Robert Plant. Worse of all, the girls are already waiting at Danal for croissant French toast and mimosas. Too bad those dark circles are in the way. Nobody likes a creature from the black lagoon at their table and could you really make a pass at that hunky bartender when those loud discolorations are forcing you to push 40?

Solution: Benefit Ooh La Lift

If you’re set on partying until the early hours of the following day, you’ll need to cover up those dark circles, one of the most common beauty concerns among women. Sadly, taming the raccoon look is as difficult as doing the walk of shame. Fatigue does make skin dull and drinking alcohol thins the sensitive skin around the eyes, but excess pigmentation can be due to allergies, which causes dilated blood vessels under the eyes. For some, dark circles can also be hereditary. We have yet to find a cure-all that actually works, but we did discover a unique product that can cover dark circles in seconds. Benefit Ooh La Lift isn’t like any concealer you’ve ever purchased. Much like an eye lift, this smooth pink balm is a blend of light-reflecting pigments and raspberry extracts, which some studies claim can help support healthy blood flow. Regardless, Benefit Ooh La Lift is cooling around the eyes and has a touch of shimmer that makes the skin brighter and eyes looking alert. The cream is thick enough that it’ll actually stay put all day, but doesn’t feel heavy or even crease. In addition, you can use Benefit Ooh La Lift as an eye primer before applying your usual under eye concealer, giving your makeup routine a last-minute boost. It also slightly firms the delicate skin, creating that well rested look that no one else would guess is fake. Dab some on those dark circles, follow your normal makeup routine, and head out the door. Just in case you do end up going for another round later in the night, pop Benefit Ooh La Lift in your clutch and paint the town red with a touch of pink.

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Problem: Fine Lines

Scenario: After a long day at the office, mama needs some entertainment and fine booze to beat those cubicle blues. We don’t understand why burlesque has ever gone out of fashion, but you can experience why everyone is going gaga over Dita Von Teese right here in New York City, the Mecca of pasties, garter belts, and corsets. The Slipper Room on the Lower East Side is the place to let your inhibitions go, enjoy some Tom Collins a la “Mad Men,” and see how raunchy some of the city’s most tantalizing women can really be when stripping from outrageous costumes. Resembling a gorgeous brothel, the jewel-box red bar is certainly a gem, especially when stars like Jo Boobs, GiGi LaFemme, The Pontani Sisters, and more all grace the Victorian stage in stilettos and not much else. Like a mash between Moulin Rouge and Cabaret, it’s no wonder you have to grab your friends and head down here early for a glitter-filled evening. However, night after night with bombshells and peacock feathers, your skin is bound to pay for the lack of sleep you’ve been getting. Unlike the performers, the delicate skin around the eyes won’t appear as if they’ve been frozen in time. Lack of sleep has been associated with premature aging, which explains why you’re noticing those wrinkles. What’s a gal to do when Father Time wants to ruin a pretty face and a good time?

Solution: Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm

If you’re already noticing some lines around your eyes or just want to take the necessary precautions, we recommend Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm. It may feel thin, but a little does go a long way. It’s hydrating like a moisturizer and feels smooth on even the most sensitive skin, without clogging pores on the acne-prone. Whether its crow’s feet or that one nasty reminder that you’re getting older, just apply this silky cream around the eyes to tighten skin. Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm is also matte enough to put over makeup. Within a few days alone, visible lines are practically gone. Even when your eyes are looking picture perfect, you can continue using Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm to maintain skin’s elasticity, all thanks to a welcoming dose of vitamins A, C, and E. Soon enough, you’ll be feeling confident enough to show it all off any day or night!

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Problem: Need Some Green

Scenario: Green has never looked so good. Being conscious of our environment is important if we want to make the world a better place to live in, which is why many New Yorkers don’t mind spending some extra green just to go green. From organic food to clothes, it’s not hard to contribute to the cause, including nightlife. Greenhouse on Manhattan’s luxurious SoHo district is the first eco-friendly nightclub in the city where one can pay salute to Mother Nature in style. Reminiscent of a lush paradise, Greenhouse’s walls are made of bamboo. However, we have a feeling that you’ve been making your voyage to Greenhouse for more than their Vodka 360. Not only is Greenhouse the place to be for high-profile events, such as the Sundance Film Festival and Fashion Week, but it’s also a major hot spot for celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio, the Olsen Twins, Rihanna, and Colin Farrell. It’s no wonder you haven’t had time to worry about taking care of your pretty peepers – you’ve been too busy hitting the dance floor with Courtney Love and Snooki. However, you know you want to be noticed for your sensational couture and personality, not for bland, tired eyes that fail to make an impression. What can you do if you want to start taking care of your eyes, but looking for something green?

Solution: Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream

If you want to go green with your regimen, you’ll need a product to take care of your eyes that’s Mother Nature approved. While many products claim to be green, we can trust Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream with Royal Jelly. For starters, the cream is enclosed in a glass jar, which you can recycle. Aside from the packaging, this product is so thick that it can be used as a daily moisturizer specifically for the skin around the eyes. Moisturizing is crucial for preventing premature aging and fine lines, making Burt Bee’s an instant winner. The highly concentrated formula includes chamomile, which calms irritated skin. After all, too much rubbing around the eyes due to allergies or just being tired can cause lines with time. Cucumber and rose hips are also added, which are both used in many regimens to promote a youthful glow, plus witch hazel contains antioxidants that help fight free radical damage that can also cause premature aging. However, the most important ingredient in Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream is royal jelly, a milky white substance from beehives, that according to Burt’s Bees, is given only to selected young bees that later become queen bees, outliving her workers 40 times over. In many cultures, royal jelly is a prized beauty product used to promote healthy skin and hair, as well as a stronger immune system. Upon trying Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream for several weeks, we did notice lighter dark circles and less tightening on the skin during bone chilling temperatures.

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Problem: Puffy Eyes

Situation: Iggy Pop was spotted here, Joey Ramone lived a block away, Patti Smith made a grand performance, and every NYU student wants to get wasted here. The Continental may not be the punk rock haven it once was, but it’s an ideal dive bar on St. Mark’s where you can get five shots of your preferred poison for $10. It’s narrow, always crowded, and the doors can be extremely tough, but if you want to give those fussy Meatpacking District lounges a break, Continental is usually your best bet. And while a night of binge drinking with frat boys may sound like a good idea at the time, those bulging bags under your eyes will have you regretting the forgettable night. Those swollen bags ready to explode does not make you the life of any party. Rather, you’ll be the evening’s cautionary tale of how any guy or gal will look 20 years later after going all out every night of the week. Not even the best makeup tricks can make puffy eyes completely disappear, so how can you defluff the puff?

Solution: St. Ives Swiss Formula Cucumber & Elastin Eye Stress Gel

Fluid retention can be caused by many factors, including allergies, stress, and yes, excess drinking. Fortunately, lifelong tricks, such as cucumber slices, tea bags, and cold water, can all help aid this unsightly problem. For some much-needed backup, you may consider St. Ives Swiss Formula Cucumber & Elastin Eye Stress Gel. This smooth, emerald-hued gel is cooling and soothing to the touch, as if you’re placing frozen slices of cucumber over tired, irritated eyes. The gel not only refreshes, but dries quickly, allowing you to apply makeup soon after for a night out on the town pain-free. Plus, St. Ives Swiss Formula Cucumber & Elastin Eye Stress Gel is not limited to your eyes. It can also be applied to any other area of the face prone to stress lines, such as the forehead or temples. We did notice less puffiness at a quicker pace and it feels sensational upon waking up with a major hangover. Be warned, St. Ives Swiss Formula Cucumber & Elastin Eye Stress Gel is hard to find, but many die-hard fans have successfully managed to buy this handy product in online boutiques.

Helpful tip: Use the back of a refrigerated spoon to gently spread the gel around the eye area. The cold spoon helps reduce puffiness and feels great on tired eyes.

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Problem: Red Eyes

Scenario: You’re not a nightlife owl unless you’re seen at the city’s A-list venues and one place that everyone who’s anyone wants to get in is a nightclub co-owned by a famous rocker. “Party Hard” singer Andrew W.K. is the man behind Santos Party House, a two-level venue that serves as a concert hall, dance club, and lounge. Located between Chinatown and Tribeca, Santos Party House recently won numerous prizes at Paper Magazine’s Nightlife Awards for hosting some of the top parties in the city. Naturally, you’ll be making your rounds to this music haven where anything goes. Whether it’s meeting the man himself or checking out Amanda Blank grab the mic, you know you’ll be stopping by more than once. However, if you plan on checking out some of Santos Party House’s many concerts and bashes before heading to work, you’ll need to make your eyes looks rested and red-free even if you’ve only had four hours of sleep. Blood shot peepers are never in style and it’s not something you can cover up with a dab of concealer. Should you stay home and hope that your baby blues or brownie browns return to a normal state, or face the music like a proud, but miserable trooper?

Solution: Rohto Zi Lubricant Eye Drops

Eye drops aren’t just for those who wear contact lenses, they can do wonders for those suffering from blotchiness. We found Rohto Zi Lubricant Eye Drops lasted longer than other notable brands, all while combating dryness and minor irritation. Each drop sends this cooling wave around the eye and the redness is diminished after hopping on the subway to work. The drops aren’t thin, keeping your eyes moist longer. A major plus of Rohto Zi Lubricant Eye Drops is the size of the bottle, which fits in tiny clutches. Fortunately, its lasting power doesn’t require it to tag along for a night out.

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Originally published February 2010



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