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By Yelena Moroz


Riding public transportation has become an eye opening experience for me. While researching for this story, I became acutely aware that women in New York are in desperate need of some TLC in the eye area if they want to get their peepers to sparkle again. Some started their morning commute with under eye puff that made me think of marshmallow embedded skin, others looked sullen and depressed because the dark circles starkly contrasted against their natural skin tone. If eyes are the windows to the soul, you certainly don’t want to walk around looking like you’re recovering from a hangover.


“The skin around the eye area is prone to a phenomenon called solar elastosis- breakdown of collagen and elasticity,” says Dr. Dennis Gross, dermatologist and creator of MD Skincare. “This thin skin is extremely vulnerable to sun damage and wrinkling as well as sensitivity issues.” As a result, this periorbital skin is easily victimized by environmental elements. Start early, women in their 20s should get comfortable with moisturizing and using product packed with antioxidants. Thibiant Complex Organics Eye Cream contains antioxidant superstar green tea that protects against free radical damage. Primrose and borage seed oil, rich in Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), aid in boosting collagen synthesis that will help keep skin plump. Olive oil will help with hydrating the skin to keep it supple and soft.

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As you get older, why not be wiser and include Clark’s Botanicals Anti-Puff Eye Cream and Biotherm Hydra-Detox Eye Gel in your beauty routine? “Although sometimes inherent, puffy eyes are mainly attributed to water retention – explaining more puffiness before your period”, states Dr. Gross in his book, Your Future Face. By reducing salt intake and alcohol consumption you can lessen the puffiness effect. Clark’s Botanicals targets puffiness with vitamins A, E and isoflavin. Vitamin E, an antioxidant, will help prevent free radicals from causing oxidative damage that destructs collagen and elastin. As a bonus, vitamin K helps with blood clotting, which keep the capillaries in shape and lightens dark circles – making it a perfect remedy for recovery from late night rendezvous. Biotherm Hydra-Detox strengthens the skin with ginkgo biloba and caffeine, which has a skin tightening effect. Thanks to glycerin, panthenol and apricot kernel oil, the appearance of fine lines will diminish faster than you can hail a taxi during morning rush hour. Products with cucumber extract will also help with the tightening process; however, cucumber slices over eyes don’t have enough extract to make a real difference.

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Those of you entering the majestic third decade, keep an eye out for dark circles. Since the skin around the eye area is generally much thinner, broken capillaries create the not so pleasant semi-black eye look. You can blame alcohol, nicotine and caffeine for this bust. According to Dr. Gross, lack of sleep and stress can cause the brain to steal oxygen molecules from blood, making it darker; hence, more visible under the delicate skin. Fight back with MD Skincare Lift & Lighten Eye Cream Advanced Technology. Armed with vitamins A, E and C, the cream is just what the doctor ordered. Vitamin C boosts collagen growth, building the skin thickness, arbutin lightens dark circles, while gamma amino butyric acid diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

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Maintenance is key to keeping eyes looking young and rejuvenated. Why not have L’Occitane Very Precious Eye Serum do some repairs as you’re dreaming about the fountain of youth? Fused with organic immortelle essential oil, the serum kicks anti-wrinkling and lifting properties into gear as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids nourish the delicate skin. Trace elements like magnesium, copper and zinc stimulate cellular metabolism; sweet orange helps reduce puffiness and dark circles; and flavonoids (plant pigments) have anti-enzyme, anti-free radical and anti-inflammatory action – the list of active ingredients goes on so don’t be surprised when after a couple of nights those dreams about youth are becoming a reality. Available at


If you’re looking for a cream with a pampering effect, try Guinot Age Logic Yeux Intelligent Cell Renewal for Eyes; it leaves eyelids bunny soft as the cream regenerates cellular activity with energy-filled biological molecule, ATP, which boosts oxygen consumption. Once the inactive skin cells are stimulated, your reflection will smile back bright-eyed.

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Originally published January 2008



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