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By Patricia Wersinger

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Every day we read about a new promise of youth and beauty to be found in yet another jar of cream. It’s getting harder to distinguish one from the other. Most formulas work from the same axis of isolating and targeting symptoms and fighting them with specific ingredients like an enemy to be defeated. Some researchers claim that your youthful appearance may compromise your health as they explain that chemicals in some cosmetics may disrupt your endocrine system. With Ayurvedic skin care, the approach is different. It offers a synergistic approach where the beauty of the skin is the result of several factors concurring together to heal the whole body and the person within. If you are looking for a totally different approach to skin care, try the Ayuvedic one based on 5000 years of wisdom.

In the Ayurvedic system, beauty is the outcome of a harmonious synthesis between the mind, body, senses and even the soul. The skin is our largest organ connected directly to our nervous system where our emotions impact our appearance. Have you noticed how great you look when you’re in love? The skin radiates when your emotions are happy and harmonious with your organs functioning smoothly.

As odd as it may seem, proper digestion is the key concern in Ayurvedic beauty because most health problems are seen as the consequences of digestive disruptions. I was thus directed by Alan Marks, Ayurvedic expert and CEO of to take the herb supplement capsules, Organic Digest Tone, in order to promote ojas, the finest product of digestion, which creates luster in the skin and rejuvenates vital energy. A mild laxative, it contains three fruits – amla, chebulic myrobalan and belleric myrobalan – that over time allow the deepest tissues and organs to release all toxins. In Ayurveda, all the interactions between ingredients are even more important than the ingredients themselves. Marks believes his Organic Digest Tone formula is superior to others because it contains cabbage rose that helps to reinforce the effectiveness of the other three ingredients. After using it, I found an increased clarity in my complexion.

To protect and nourish your skin topically, The Youthful Skin Cream, made with essential oils of organic sunflower seed and organic macadamia seed, organic vegetable glycerin and organic grapefruit is a feather light formula that melts instantly into the skin making it feel moist and soft. oxidants are neutralized by the formula before they damage your skin. The small molecular size of essential oils gives them great mobility to penetrate tissue, move about and leave the body without leaving any toxins. There are no chemical preservatives because the Ayurvedic herbs work with one another to keep the product fresh. The airless jar also further ensures freshness so that no bacteria forms.

Both products are available at

An important aspect of Ayurvedic medicine is aromatherapy. New research in neuropsychology has brought to attention the relationship between the olfactory sense in our brains and our limbic system, or our emotional center. The right scents have the power to calm us and help release peaceful, positive chemicals in our blood stream that translate into a more serene appearance. Balanced Guru is a new 100% organic skin and hair care company that uses the principles of aromatherapy as well as the fatty acids of essential oils to nourish the skin without any toxins. The two best products in the anti aging collection are the Ageless Cream with rose and helichrysum and the Ageless Serum that includes rose, helichrysum, and neroli combined with rosehip, evening primrose, argan and jojoba oils. The subtle scents and fine texture of the oils allow for a luxurious easily absorbed texture that clarifies, firms and balances the skin and the whole person.. Balanced Guru uses only sustainable products and packaging.

Available at

Pranaa is an ayurvedic center located in the Dallas, Texas metroplex that offers its visitors a unique Dosha, (an ayurvedic term for personality analysis) to determine what foods, beauty, yoga and lifestyle recommendations they should follow. They will also be directed to what best skin care products fit with their Dosha. On their website, pure Ayurvedic and vegetarian brands are offered like Shankara. Their detoxifying Facial Mask works at purifying the skin and is recommended for both blemished skin and skin that simply needs purification. Loaded with antibacterial and antimicrobial ingredients it helps to extract toxins from pores.

More information is available at

Available at

A true Ayurvedic brand works with the skin to balance it, instead of altering its structure and function like many mainstream skin lines do. The ingredients are organic and pure. Holistic approaches to health and beauty have been steadily breaking into the mainstream. Their formulas, devoid of toxins, generate gentle regenerative skin solutions that are effective over time to transform the whole person. As we gradually understand the importance of a toxic free responsible environment, not only for our health needs but for our world, the practice of Ayurveda appears more and more like the logical smart way to bind health, responsibility, sustainability and beauty.

Originally published July 2013



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