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By Andrea Toochin


Stepfordesque fashion, Desperate Housewives, and young celebrity mothers are just a few encouraging factors for the higher ups who seem to prefer life when women revert back in time, to the days when keeping the home and tending to the children were a woman’s primary profession, choice or not. But, modern women all across the nation, especially dwellers of metropolitan cities, are proof that women can be successful in whatever route they pursue – a career, full-time motherhood, or the tiresome role of the working mother. Despite the fact that we are lucky enough to have been born during an age where we have choices, the glass ceiling still exists, as do many double standards, namely that of self pleasure.

Yes, I’m talking about the topic few women dare to speak of – masturbation. For years, we’ve listened to men wax on about pleasuring themselves, usually subjecting ourselves to the type of immature talk that finds us among a group of men laughing in a circle, beers in hand, trying to the think of as many synonyms as possible for the acceptable age old phrase ‘jerking off’. Meanwhile, the idea of openly speaking of women’s masturbation habits has been taboo for as long as I remember. However, the capitalist mentality that symbolizes America is at such a stage that manufacturers are willing to create anything that turns a profit. The desire to make money, in this case, enables even conservative entrepreneurs to put their beliefs aside and enable an alternative wave of women’s lib through the creation of new types of lube and discreet pleasure products. Since we are an online magazine, we wanted to be the first to inform you about the best personal products that can all be purchased online; this is a convenient, discreet way to get the goods if you haven’t come out of the closet yet.

Zestra Laboratories developed their patented botanical ‘feminine arousal fluid’ years ago to offer a solution to female sexual dysfunction. They were even reviewed in an NIH (National Institutes of Health) study of 200 women. The ingredients include borage seed oil, evening primrose oil, angelica and coleus extracts, and vitamins E and C. Packaged in small individual-use packets, Zestra is meant for use before intercourse; users are instructed to apply the fluid to the exterior love zone and massage for about five minutes before penetration or stimulation.

One the best new small cosmetic companies, Collective Wellbeing, makes an excellent lubricant that comes in flavored or unscented varieties. Aptly named Good Glide, the certified organic product is made with triple purified water, aloe vera gel, and glycerine, among others. Though it can be used with diaphragms and tampons, the smooth consistency is best used to aid sexual arousal.

Sliquid offers a variety of products suitable for use alone or with partner, and like the other two aforementioned manufacturers, their products are made in the USA. Their H20 line is perfect for those with sensitive skin because of the water-based, glycerine-, and fragrance-free formula. It’s suitable for use with latex, rubber, and plastic products, and is designed to emulate bodily fluids. For something more exciting, they offer green apple tart, cherry vanilla, and pià±a colada flavors. But, if you’re preparing for a long night, try the ultra slick formula, or the warming formula.

For everyday use, they’ve recently launched personal cleansing products, one of which is the Sliquid Splash. Made with purified water, coconut oil derived elements, and lilac essentials oils, this hypoallergenic, pH balanced feminine wash is meant for use in the shower to remove bacteria that causes odors.

Now that you have the right aid, it’s time to find a substitute for your partner. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, you no longer have to venture into sex stores or pharmacies to purchase such products. Though Trojan’s release of the ring is proof the mainstream market is ready to accept the idea of female masturbation, most people still aren’t comfortable buying sex products in a store. is actually an excellent resource and provides one-stop shopping if you buy cosmetics and first aid items online. But, I know you’re dying to find out what this funky toy is, so I won’t prolong my final recommendation any longer.

Before I visited the Sexual Well-Being section of, I thought the Swedes were masters of furniture design only. Apparently, I was wrong; their mastery for creating sleek designs transcends the mainstream world of contemporary furniture into the arena of sex products.

Lelo produces a few different vibrators and though each share the same discreet, amorphous shape, they come in varying colors.” The Lily is a small gentle vibrator that comes in a satin pouch and is the size of a small cell phone. With a built in charger and a quiet murmur, it is well designed for home and travel use.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I suggest all of you independent women take a moment to peruse the many Web retailers listed below and purchase a pleasure product. You deserve it.

Originally published February 2006



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