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By Laura Dave


Okay, so your eyes are feeling the summer sun. A few too many wrinkles starting to show, summer lines, dark spots? We feel you.

But…how do you even begin to make your eyes look sixteen again?

With eye gels and eye creams and gel-creams and gel-serums and everything promising to tighten and soften and moisten and make better, it can seem impossible to find the right product for you.

So BN is coming to the rescue with the 411 on what different eye products do: what you can hope for from them, where you’ll want to go from here.

Here’s the skinny on creams vs. gels.
Well…eye creams are – as they sound – creamy. The good ones are full of oil that soften the tissue around the eye. Softer tissue can often soften the appearance of the lines that once appeared there. Eyes will look hydrated, more moisturized. Keep in mind though: creams don’t remove lines or wrinkles. They reduce the appearance of lines, only. They treat the whole eye overall.

Gels are a different story. Consider it this way: what creams are to oil, gels are to water. And, being more water-based, gels are thinner products, which means they end up being great for tightening the eye tissue, and helping to close up lines. They fight the sagginess that (sigh!) comes when we are no longer sixteen.Gels are a good choice when you want your eyes appearing as firm as they can look without some bo-toxic aid.

With all the cream and gel choices on the market, it takes a little time to find a good match.

Two creams that receive rave reviews from BN users are Clinique All About Eyes, and Neutrogena Aging Repair Treatmenthttp://www.Neutrogena.Com.

On the eye gel front, consider Sudden Change Under-Eye Gel, and the Chanel Age Delay Eye Rejuvenation Eye Gel eye gel line.

And always remember our favorite standby-two ice-cold cucumbers and an hour in the shade. Ah…5:00 seems closer just thinking about it.

Originally published August 2003



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