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By Marcie Jacobson

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When I first learned I’d be writing about Pevonia’s new caviar skin care line, I thought, I don’t even eat this delicacy so how would I propose to slather it on my body? Perhaps my intimidation stemmed from the fact that most caviar skin care products cost more than I make in a week.

I took the bag full of Pevonia Ligne Myoxy Caviar products back to my apartment, sat and stared at it for about 20 minutes. Before I could muster up the courage to try the products, I did some research as to why companies like Pevonia and Perle de Caviar think caviar based moisturizers, body scrubs, and cleansers are better than the Avon lady pushing her $10 cream. Here’s what I found.

Pevonia claims that putting caviar on the skin makes you look younger and it is designed to support the repair and the defense mechanisms of the skin, regulate the skins moisture levels and ‘normalize’ the skins water. Caviar extract, when released onto your face and in the dermis, improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Most facial creams with or without caviar are made up of the following ingredients:

– Preservatives, such as essential oils or synthetic parabens, including ethyls, propyls, or butlys, keep bacteria to a minimum.
– Emusifiers such as linoelic acid are used to ensure a smooth mixture and consistency.
– Humectants or water retainers such as glycerin or glycol are commonly used derivatives of mineral oil that draw water from the air to the skin’s surface and also prevent the product air from losing water and drying out.
– Silicone is often incorporated to give a pleasing textural feel and makes application easier
– Sunscreens added may include octyl methoxycinnemat, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Cosmetic companies are always seeking out innovative and more effective ways of getting ingredients into the skin. With so many options to choose from one has to wonder why Pevonia is better than Perle, La Prairie, or the generic brand for that matter? For the most part, you get what you pay for. If you buy a cheap skin care product, you will have cheap ingredients. However, I think I found the exception to that rule with Pevonia Caviar based products. Compared to their competitors like Perle and La Prairie, whose Luxe Body Cream retails for $315, Pevonia has found a balance by offering expensive ingredients for a reasonable price. Before I headed into the bathtub to tryout the Body Scrub, I recited the mantra from ‘The Little Engine That Could‘ over and over to myself: ‘I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.’

I started with the Timeless Body Scrub and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It’s smooth and silky texture felt like butter on my skin and it was exceptionally easy to rinse off. After feeling like I was having a Body Scrub treatment at a spa but for only a fraction of the price (retail price is $26), I then used the Pevonia Preserve Body Moisturizer. This non-greasy body moisturizer is rich in vitamins, phyto-extracts and oils and repairs and tones your skin. By this point, I even forgot I was rubbing fish eggs on my legs!

The Ligne Myoxy Caviar includes body and face products ranging from firming body lotions to their facial serum, all designed around their ‘Filmo-Tech’ system that marries the purest form of caviar with water, to permeate the dermis and fight signs of life, including lines, wrinkles, and photo-aging symptoms such as hyper-pigmentation spots.

At the end of the day, what I anticipated to be a hazing experience from my editor turned out to be a win-win situation. I was the one that lucked out with an initiation into BeautyNewsNYC and the entire Pevonia Caviar Line.

For more information on Pevonia Caviar products, please visit or call 1.800.PEVONIA (738.6642). Pevonia products and treatments are available at the spa at Essex House hotel 212.484.4583 and at the Park Avenue Spa at Swissotel The Drake 212.371.4190

Originally published September 2005



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Kyara Peacock Says:

To Marcie Jacobson.
Um…you need to try this product sometime:

The lotion itself is just $1.97 U.S. currency and the bottle contains 32 ounces of lotion (just under one litre)

I betcha you will find the results just as good!

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