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By Andrea Jones

When I agreed to don a bikini and show my cellulite-riddled thighs for this story, I wondered what I got myself into. But I would do almost anything if it meant I could try to get rid of the cellulite. I agreed to use Clarins High Definition Body Lift twice a day for eight weeks to see if it made a difference.

Before I began using the products, I had a body treatment at the Claris Skin Spa that was designed to target cellulite. The Ultimate Body Lift is a wonderful treatment that consists of massage therapy using body oil on trouble spots. It promotes lymphatic drainage, increases circulation and removes toxins from the body. It lasts one hour and leaves you feeling so relaxed. I had a great massage therapist and I would definitely return to the Clarins Skin Spa for another body treatment or facial.

The Treatment – Day One

My package of goodies from Clarins arrived and I tore it open ready to immediately apply the potion. I decided, however, to head to the gym first to workout. I generally run on the treadmill and do legwork on machines as well as upper bodywork. It sounds good but don’t get me wrong, I don’t push myself. I know this because once I tried a personal trainer and nearly died from the pain I had for days afterwards.

After my workout I opened the High Definition Body Lift. The box says “Cellulite Control Smoothes & Firms.” It sounded fabulous. I also got Clarins Smoothing Body Scrub to use once a week and Clarins Body Shaping Cream to apply at night. I stripped naked, took a shower, and used the body scrub. I loved the scent and it did not irritate my sensitive skin.

Afterwards, I dried and sat on a towel reading the directions. The directions said to sit against the wall with your legs in front, knees up and feet on the floor. I was to apply the gel from the ankles up in sweeping motions, focusing on trouble spots. Next, it said to cross my ankles and apply the gel with my palms while using both hands grasping one leg at a time. Complicated? A bit at first, but I was undaunted and continued to follow the directions, which next instructed me to lie down and lift my buttocks in the air with my knees up and apply the gel to the dreaded gluteus maximus. Whew! Once finished, I began to feel a cooling sensation up and down my thighs. The gel is light and not sticky at all, and felt as if the cooling was penetrating my skin. Good. Kill that cellulite!

Day 2 and Beyond

Somehow, I hoped I would wake up, turn around, look at the back of my thighs in the mirror and see, poof, no more cellulite. After that fantasy I was determined to continue until I saw results.

Everyday I religiously applied the Clarins products in the morning and evening. I admit, sometimes I even put it on mid-day. For the most part I tried to apply the gel sitting down but there were times that I just applied it standing up with minimal massaging. At night I also applied the Body Shaping Cream to my thighs, hips and stomach. Once or sometimes twice a week I exfoliated with the Body Scrub.
During these weeks I ate, breathed and slept cellulite. I read about it, obsessed over the back of my thighs, exercised and tried to drink more water. I also cut down on dairy products. Since I’m an ice cream junkie this was no easy feat.

By the fourth week, I began to notice firmer skin, but still dimpling. Did I have some form of indestructible cellulite? I was discouraged, but my editor encouraged me to keep going, and she was right.

I continued using the Clarins products but this time I added some at home exercises to target the back of my legs. I did leg lifts on my knees almost daily for four weeks. I also continued my gym workout of 3-4 times a week, running on the treadmill and using weight machines to target my thighs.

The Bottom Line

After eight weeks, I can honestly say that my dimpled thighs are smoother and more taut. YAY! You may see results earlier, but for me it took eight weeks. The Clarins products worked in combination with exercise and, I believe, a better diet. I am living proof that cellulite can be reduced, but after this experiment I firmly believe my thighs are a work in progress. Now that I am finished, Clarins recommends continuing with the gel and other products to maintain results. If I stop, the cellulite will just return. There is no easy fix for the cellulite demon, but I vow to keep up my regimen forever or at least until I no longer care to bare my thighs in public.

Clarins product available at fine department stores, Sephora, and

Clarins NYC Spas
1061 Madison Ave at 81st Street – 212-734-610
247 Columbus Ave at 72nd Street – 212-362-0190

Originally published June 2009
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