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By Rebecca Goldberg


I am not one for bandwagons. That is why I hesitated to jump upon this one, but I could not take another summer of breakouts and melted makeup that only masks the problem. In the market for a solution, I tried Sonya Dakar’s acne mini-kit. Not only does this perfect trial size, travel companion hide in my purse during trips to my boyfriend’s house, but also I am happy to report that it works.

Having problem skin all my life, I take this endorsement very seriously. The whole self-conscious endeavor is rather time-consuming. I have spent many days thinking that co-workers, the man at the deli, or even my friends were staring at the zit on my chin. Being one of those disillusioned people who has tried just about every product on the market, only to lose faith in all the manmade acne fighters God has to offer, the acne kit finally offered something that even my non-metrosexual boyfriend was impressed with.

The kit contains six jars of blemish banishing goodness, and one extra special little bottle labeled for emergencies. The system takes a session or two to get used to, this is due to the number of products, but the result is worth it if you hang in there.

I am addicted to the three-step program: washing, repairing, and hydrating. It all begins with cleansing. At night the Triple Action Organic Scrub exfoliates skin, and gives it a noticeably smoother feel after the first use. The Enzyme Peeling Cream and Mud Lavender Mask should be used two to three times a week at nighttime. Using one at a time, both mini-facial treatments stay on the skin for a few minutes before removing with water. You will know it is time to wash them off when skin tightens. To repair freshly scrubbed skin, the Omega-3 Repair Complex may look like olive oil, but is essential to red, stressed skin, which like mine, always seems to be a shade away from my neck. Top it off with the Hydrasoft Lotion to moisturize and keep skin in balance. In the morning, the Mud Lavender Wash reveals smoother, healthier looking skin that heals, and replaces the need for heavy makeup.

The ultimate secret weapon is the Drying Potion. It was nearly lost to my boyfriend’s medicine cabinet last weekend, after he noticed the improvement in my complexion, and for the first time in weeks, I felt confident enough to leave the house without makeup. Sonia Dakar’s products may by found at Barneys New York, [url=][/url], or call 1-877-72-Sonya.

Originally published August 2004



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