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By Catherine Tandy

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While rosy cheeks are classically associated with robust health or a flirtatious flushing of the face, Rosacea, a skin disorder that causes redness is anything but amorous. According to the National Rosacea Society, (NRS) this chronic condition affects more than 16 million Americans, with symptoms running the gamut from blotchiness and blemishes to full-blown bumps, pimples and swelling. Little known fact: W.C. Fields suffered from Rosacea – his extreme circumstances caused rhinophyma and his renowned bulbous nose.

Rosacea is known to set in primarily with woman over the age of 30. In a survey of 1,066 patients of the NRS, 41% reported that certain skin-care products aggravated their condition and 27% said that certain cosmetics caused red-hue inducing flair-ups of Rosacea. BeautyNewsNYC has rounded up some advice to heed as well as a slew of products to honor April, National Rosacea Awareness Month, and all the gals and guys suffering from surly skin.

First things first: the NRS survey names the following ingredients as potentially irritating elements that users should be wary of: alcohol (66%), witch hazel (30 %), fragrance (30%), menthol (21%), peppermint (14%), and eucalyptus oil (13%). The American Academy of Dermatology also weighed in, explaining that as the skin is essentially a portal to potential allergens, those suffering from Rosacea should be sure to avoid irritating substances such as astringents, as this will weaken the composition of the skin even more. They also warned users that “allergy tested” and hypoallergenic” are not synonymous terms, the latter a clearly undefined term created by the cosmetics industry.

Read on to revel in six soothing products that will bring your best face forward – red-free and ravishing. (We can’t help you with the blushing, naughty.)

For daily use, we love Clinique’s Redness Solution Daily Relief Cream. It offers up an uber gentle oil-free moisture that soothes and calms red-prone skin, even the more oh-my problems like broken capillaries and blotchiness. Perhaps best of all is this tricky little cream’s ability to counter future flair-ups before they ever even happen. Who says there’s no magic in this world?

Available at Major Dept Stores and

For skin that feels so sensitive, even fingertips are wince-inducing, Murad’s Redness Therapy Recovery Gel is an incredibly lightweight option that creates a cooling sensation, instantly fortifying fair flesh against rough winds (or hands!) This gel, which relies on a delicate combination of mother’s nature bounty – including Goji berry extract and peppermint leaf – is guaranteed to re-hydrate and re-texturize irritated skin.


Pretty party people’s skin always needs to recoup post-revelry with a little rejuvenation, especially those belle of the balls that suffer from rosacea. DERMAdoctor’s Calm Cool and Corrected cream counters facial faux pas like oiliness, blemishes, dryness and of course, redness, but also prides itself on banishing signs of aging. Suggested use is twice daily, allowing 6-8 weeks for best results with pesky conditions.

Avilable at and

Although Silibinin and Methyl Sulfonyl Methane have a sinister ring, the coupling of these two elements, an active inflammatory of milk thistle and a non-metallic sulfur compound, creates a dynamic duo in conquering chronic redness due to Rosacea. Glytone has whipped up the Rosacure Cream Gel with a paraben and fragrance-free formula that leaves skin feeling fresh and decidedly demure.

Available at,

It’s certainly a mouthful but Avène’s Antirougeurs Anti-Redness Dermo-Cleansing Milky Fluid is a feather-light cleansing cream, offering an ideal option for Rosacea-ridden skin that needs a thorough (but gentle) scrub down. Strong enough to remove makeup, but soothing enough to calm highly reactive skin, Avène’s Milky Fluid is comprised of 88% thermal mineral water. Flanking this fresh agua are additional hypoallergenic botanical extracts like Ruscus for improved circulation, Dextren Sulfate to minimalize the appearance of swelling, and Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, which strengthens vascular walls.

Available at

We all know the sun on our face feels stupendous, but can wreak havoc on the vitality of our visage. Ren’s Hydra-calm Youth Defense Serum packs a super punch of emollients bolstered by essential fatty acids and a Global Protection Complex that stand guard against oxidation and free radical damage. Ren’s Serum works on contact offering up protective bio-actives like Omega 3 & 7, which repairs and strengthens skin, and Bisabolol derived from calendula, which soothes sensitive skin. Apply three or four pumps twice a day after cleansing.

Available at and

Originally published April 2012



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