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By Andrea Toochin


The business woman in me knew the future of skin care would ensure success for two contrasting schools of thought: the small independent earthy companies and the large medical biotecs. I’m not one to brag, but this prediction could be proved alone by the launch of Whole Body and the success of Hylexin and Stri-Vectin.

If this isn’t enough to prove my fascination with skin care trends, here’s another prediction on my part. In our November issue, I wrote an article on hand creams inspired by mother. Always stunning in my eyes, I envied her strong cheekbones and the way she could bronze in the sun like a Native American while I burnt to a crisp like a Brit. But over the years, I noticed the sun and time had done some damage – I noticed a few liver spots on her hands and chest. I promptly shipped a lightening cream for her décolleté and hands. Well, now we have another reason to visit the beauty department at Bloomie’s together – the latest launches from Bremenn Labs and Klein-Becker.

Leave it to the creators of one of the year’s most successful eye creams to anticipate the needs of baby boomers everywhere. No matter how thin or stylish a woman is or how much surgery she has decided she needs there are two things she cannot control – the passage of time and the power of Mother Nature. We learn the first when we discover our first gray hair while washing our hands or plucking our brows. We learn the second when natural disasters strike and even minimal sun exposure takes its toll on our skin. Thanks to the talented team of scientists at Klein-Becker, we can avert the signs of aging and reverse sun damage without a knife or even an LED or IPL treatment.


The first of four new products is Bremenn’s Lumedia, a serum for treatment of hyper-pigmentation. Lumedia treats liver spots, freckles, and redness because one main ingredient, Diacetyl Boldine (DAB), inactivates an enzyme responsible for melanin production. What does this mean? It controls the cellular elements that produce excess color. Lumedia also contains a natural lightening agent, licorice; an FDA-approved chemical lightening element, hydroquinone; and Glabridin, an antioxidant that both lightens skin and protects.

An eight-week study of Asian subjects with hyper-pigmentation demonstrated a 90 percent success rate. An eight-week study of 22 Caucasians of an average age of 59 showed success in fading age spots on the hands. In another study, subjects with an average age of 40 yielded an 83 percent success rate after applying the product twice a day for four months.


Stri-Vectin-NE is an advanced, self-heating NanoExfoliant for the hands. The physical exfoliant reveals smoother skin, but the heating mask-like quality clarifies skin and reduces the appearance of spots and scars, which is achieved by increasing the skin renewal rate, or in layman’s terms, speeding up cell turnover.


After revealing a smooth surface with the NanoExfoliant, the hand cream is applied to repair the skin’s color imbalance and texture. The hand cream does double duty by reducing the concentration of melanin in age spots, and encouraging plumper, firmer skin.

A combination of soy, fatty acids, ceramides, black tea, and DAB help plump skin and lock in moisture by restoring the skin barrier. One four-week study revealed plumper hands among women ages 18 to 45. Eight-week studies showed a reduction in age spots among Caucasian women of an average age of 59, and a reduction of pigmentation among Asian women with an average age of 35.


Before I tout this product, I feel the need to mention the required regimen. This isn’t a product you can just slop on in a rush. For optimum results, you must apply, leave it for about three minutes, and then apply a hot washcloth for a minute. Despite the involved process and the price, I think this serum is worth a shot. The peptide-based product, which goes on after cleansing and before moisturizing, reduces the depth and volume of wrinkles by restoring the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ), the layer of connective tissue that binds the outer and inner layers of skin.

Obviously, the Stri-Vectin scientists realize collagen and elastin production alone cannot restore the look of youth. Reincarnating the youthful appearance of our past is dependent on restoring health to different layers of the skin. What’s key is repairing the dermal-epidermal junction and getting nutrients to the cells. If the layers of skin don’t bind and the cells don’t get enough nutrients the signs of time will reveal an age higher than our license. It seems preserving a youthful appearance is no easier than snagging a promotion or shagging a fabulous singleton.

Lumedia-spot treatment 1 oz $90 available at Saks in April
Stri-Vectin-HS (SERUM).9 oz $153, available at Bloomingdale’s in April
Stri-Vectin-NE (Exfoliant) 1.2 oz $29 Exclusively at Macy’s in April
Stri-Vectin HC (cream) 3.25 oz $38 Exclusively at Macy’s in April.

Originally published April 2006



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