Skin Care

By Andrea Toochin

The last time I went to an intimate launch party on the UES, I was unpleasantly surprised. The party was nothing new, nor were the clipboard-clad women guarding the door, or the middle-aged men peering at women my age. But, what was a first for me was the crowd I’d read about but luckily, until that night, never encountered.

This small, upscale lower UES establishment was packed to the brim with low-level publishing employees and friends of the author, each clamoring the drink of choice at a top shelf open bar. But, it was so snobby, I even suspected that a recommendation to try one of the hors d’oeuvres was simply to make me plump.

But, the recent Skin Deep magazine launch party at the Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club on the UES was equally elegant, but the atmosphere was at once posh and comfortable, quite a feat for a fancy place filled with the quintessential UES crowd.

Recording Artist Samantha Cole, Court TV reporter Lynne White, Apprentice Star Kwame Jackson, Supermodel Carol Alt, Englewood, NJ Mayor Michael Wildes, Skin Deep Magazine publisher Dr. Jeanette Martello Standing: KMR Communications CEO Katherine Rothman and Bruno Jamais

By now, you must be wondering what Skin Deep is. You shouldn’t have to think too hard. Yes, it’s a magazine about skin care, but it’s not your average glossy. This new publication boasts a masthead of medical professionals from plastic surgeons to OBGYNs, dentists, and even psychologists. If you think this is just a professional version of Allure or your favorite local Webzine (do you have to ask?), think again. Content runs the gamut from everything from foot problems to vaginal rejuvenation procedures. Yes, you read right.

So, the next time you spend too much time in front of the mirror scrutinizing the individualities that may manifest themselves as flaws, think twice, or better yet, grab some subway reading. Think of Skin Deep as your medical supplement to the punchy Webzine you love you so much. We tell you how to indulge in retail therapy and bring the industry dirt, while Editor-in-Chief Jeannette Martello, M.D., J.D. brings you the latest in medical procedures from labs and hospitals across the country.

Visit for more information or to locate a specialist near you.

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Originally published February 2006
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