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By Yelena Moroz


The reason most of us love baths is because our bodies get covered in a gentle blanket of suds that ooze relaxation with every bubble. Skin Effects by Dr. Jeffrey Dover has a Skin Effects Acne Treatment System, which includes the Acne Cleansing Daily Mask and Continuous Clear Cream, that creates a similar effect for your face. Use the Daily Mask as a cleanser or …gee…a mask to for a unique experience. After 5 minutes, the formula becomes light and sudsy and tickles your face slightly, probably because the salicylic acid is working its ass-id off to ensure that acne-causing bacteria is cleared out. The Clear Cream, which also contains salicylic acid, works to ensure that that no bacteria is left unvanquished.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules, or magic pills for your face and neck, whisk signs of aging by softening the lines and firming skin texture using the exclusive CLX Complex that utilizes Ceramides (aid in moisture retention) and essential lipids. The formula feels almost buttery allowing the user to lightly massage the skin upon application. Each capsule delivers a dose of the formula that supports collagen production as well as improves the tone of the skin. Perfect as a nightly ritual, it leaves skin pampered even as you are off in La-La-Land – dreaming about youthful skin. Macy’s,

Sunday and brunch, Olives and dirty martinis, Angelina and Brad are some duos that keep us coming back for more. In the case of Guinot Tropic Tonic and Hydrazone Corps, the shower gel and moisturizing lotion system leaves the skin silky and refreshed. Tropic Tonic uses mango extracts (rich in pro-vitamin A, vitamin C, E, and B) to invigorate the skin, as well as Hibiscus flower extracts to gently exfoliate and stimulate cellular renewal. The Hydrazone Corps moisturizing lotion seals the deal thanks to Argan oil, which nourishes and regenerates the skin, and the long lasting moisturizing properties of Guinot’s hydrocyte complex.

Defy gravity with Dr. Brandt Contour Effect – a luxurious cream containing anti-aging arsenals. Ready? Mamaku essence increases the number of dividing cells and, in turn, strengthens the epidermis. Calmosensine is like a meditation instructor; it relaxes the skin. Finally, bacocalmine, an anti-stress herb, subdues irritation and adds plumpness for a smoother surface. The trio works at the cellular level to maintain skin’s elasticity and collagen production. Use a.m. and p.m. to ensure that skin maintains moisture, especially in the dry winter months. The cream feels refreshing, like snowflakes kissing your face. Available at

When it comes to customized skin care, the intelligent aesthetics line has it down to a science. Thanks to iE Evaluation, users can select products that best fit their skin type based on skin condition. Since my skin is normal, yet slightly sensitive, I opted for the following routine.

The Exfoliating Oatmeal Cleanser makes me think that I am slathering ready-to-eat oatmeal all over my face, however, even better, the mix of oatmeal extract and powdered walnut feels gentle on my skin and smells decadent, courtesy of almond oil and honey. Next up, Comforting Skin Primer utilizes Synergy iE-6, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory solution that helps with cellular regeneration and increased absorption. Lavender, spearmint and peppermint cool the skin’s surface. The Citrus Skin Polisher exfoliates the skin with mini-granules to refine texture, while tea tree and willowherb extracts subdue any redness that may be traced to rosacea. As any good girl, I moisturize with the AM/PM Skin Calming Complex that banishes dry skin and creates a radiant complexion thanks to allantoin and Vitamin B5. No beauty routine would be complete without a weekly mask, that’s where the Intensive Rejuvenating Treatment comes in. The volcanic clay feels cool and light to the touch. Within 15 minutes, pores feel clean and tight. Glycerin, honey, cucumber and grapeseed extracts leave the skin with an even tone. All in all, intelligent aesthetics feels pure and extremely natural. What are you waiting for? Get to it and create a personalized system for radiant skin.

Originally published December 2007



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