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By Candice Sabatini


News Flash!!! You heard it here first….Brand new September product launch from Dr. Perricone! The new Advanced Eye Area Therapy treatment is going to replace the previous two step process which involved mixing the vit C ester liquid with the Alpha Lipoic acid crème. While I liked the results of those products, I often ended up spilling some oil on my kitty’s paw as he sits on my bathroom counter watching my skin care routines and playing with the Q-tips. Sorry, I digress. This new product combines the two products into one bottle with an easy to use pump. It still contains the key ingredients that help correct dark circles, improve elasticity, improve circulation and nourish skin. Available at Clyde Chemist, 926 Madison Avenue and

There are some products I just fall in love with instantaneaously. Lustra Cleansing Balm by In Fiore is one of them. I’m not a big fan of aromatherapy, but the scent of this goopy, dark concentrate is a heady bouquet of geranium sur la rose from South Africa and other essential oils as well as ground organic flowers that do wonders for the skin. After using it for three weeks, my co-editors at a recent Beauty News meeting mentioned how good my complexion looked. Calling it a cleansing balm just doesn’t do this “facial in a jar” justice. Available

This “instead of make-up” gel gives a flawless look while it does good things for your skin. Per-fekt! contains alpha lipoic acids and vitamins A & E, as well as other ingredients that give your skin a polished look while it smoothes complexion, diminishes fine wrinkles and moisturizes. It’s available in translucent for those who really want a naked, but polished look or in four tints for those that prefer just a hint of sheer color. Fans include Reese Witherspoon who is thrilled that it’s perfekt-y legal and Jennifer Hudson who thinks it makes her skin look dreamy. Available at Henri Bendel, 712 Fifth Avenue, 212.247.1100 or via

A recent arrival from the UK, Rodial’s Tummy Tuck firming cream is proven to reduce tummy fat by one inch in eight weeks. Fig extract helps to break down the fat and microfibers tighten up the skin. Celebs including Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson have figgered out that a couple of daily applications per day of this belly buster keeps their midriffs bikini ready. Available at Henri Bendel and

Add some bling to your skin care routine with The Silver Soap. Cor Soap by Plank is, I’m sure, the world’s most expensive bar due to its content of pure silver which has antibacterial agents, low pH factor and cell repairing properties. I followed the instructions to keep the lather on my face and massaged it in to get the full effects. Unlike other soaps, it didn’t irritate my eyes nor did it make my skin feel taut while it gives that squeaky clean feeling. Plank is a leader in luxury yoga products and this cleanser already has a fast growing fan base who doesn’t mind plunking down $125 for the full sized bar. Available at C.O. Bigelow Pharmacy, 414 Avenue of the Americas, 212.533.2700 and

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. And using Meridian Acne Therapy System will give you the face of a goddess. Alright, that may sound cheesy, but this three-step system clears skin in days. How do I know? The use of this product underwent a month long, intense 24/7 scrutiny as it was applied by the best possible test subject, my roommate. Proactiv better watch its back!

Step 1: The tester said that using the Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Cleanser, which zaps acne causing bacteria, made her face feel incredibly clean, though a little bit dry.

Step 2: The Tea Tree Oil Toner reduced redness and irritation as well as alleviated the dryness caused by the cleanser. It only takes a quarter sized amount of the toner (don’t be alarmed by the light brown color, after all, it’s tea) to deep clean pores and wipe off oils. Bonus points for the refreshing medicated/herbal scent and the slightly tingly feeling.

Step 3: Even though Meridian claims that the Fragrance Free Moisturizer is “quickly absorbed,” we disagree. When I applied the product, it made my face feel slightly sticky. My test subject thought the moisturizer to be overly heavy, leaving her skin shiny. Our conclusion? This may not be the best product for oily skin, so use sparingly.

All in all, the trio gets the job done – probably because it is the only system that combines the anti-inflammatory benefits of tea tree oil with a 10 percent benzoyl peroxide solution. My only gripe: the bottle sizes of toner and moisturizer should be switched in order to have the most effective package. Available at

Originally published September 2007



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