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By Andrea Toochin

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NYC women justify purchases by their activities – we need four pairs of strappy sandal for nights out, five pairs of boots to slug through winter weather in style, and countless beauty products that will take us from work to the gym to dinner, home and back again. The looming winter months only intensify shopping cravings amid thoughts of pressured holidays and stressful travel experiences. This month, we are thankful for multi-tasking products that save space and provide entertainment when stranded in stuffy terminals.

The latest addition to the Greek homeopathic pharmacy line is the Wild Rose Imperfection-Targeting Oil pen. A touch thicker than a ballpoint pen, the topical comprised mainly of Rose Canina is applied via a sponge tip and meant for use at night. The components of rose extract function as antioxidants that ease inflammation. Don’t expect a floral scent, in fact, it smells more like industrial cleaners than it does flowers. That may be a good thing – as one of four company principles, Korres promises ‘naturally derived, top quality active ingredients’ free of mineral oil, silicon, and extra solvents. Essentially, they aspire to a line that uses the least amount of lab-made ingredients, to avoid creating side effects that’ll require treatment later.

Idebenol rides on the success of SriVectin-SD and the consumer marketplace’s acceptance of bland but effective products that are devised from scientific research not market studies.

Scientists say the product can reverse the aging process by speeding up the Skin Renewal Rate; the term that measures how often new skin cells replace old ones. The research implies that the concentrated cream kills free radicals (harmful molecules from the environment) and helps strengthen the system that protects the skin.

The moisturizing and smoothing properties of a product do not immediately garner my approval; in this case, it’s the scientific process whereby skin clarity, firmness, and water retention are improved. The most impressive statistic in their research report states that the cell renewal rate of a 70-year-old woman increased, from every 30 days to every 18.6 days; 16.6 are the average rate for a woman under 30. Translation: within weeks of using this cream twice a day, a middle-aged woman will experience nearly the same cell regeneration RATE as her twenty-something daughter.

For the minimalists who can’t be bothered with a hand cream, a body lotion, and all the steps in between, there’s KP Duty from DermaDoctor. It was formulated to treat Keratosis Pilaris, a disorder caused by skin cells that clog hair follicles, or in layman’s terms, those red bumps often found around the triceps. Often exaggerated by winter weather, or dry skin, KP is commonly treated with urea, a moisturizing agent, or alpha-hydroxy acids. KP Duty utilizes both glycolic acid and urea to clear the follicles and provide moisture, but also contains green tea extract to ease inflammation.

Korres Rose Pen $23 – Sephora

DERMAdoctor KP Duty 4 oz $36 or double pack for $67

Idebenol 3.4 oz $109 Macy’s or

Originally published November 2005



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