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By Yelena Moroz


I miss Trick-or-Treating. What’s more fun than being rewarded with mounds of candy for slapping on some face paint and wearing a wig with a witch hat? Sadly, childhood fun grows more distant with each year. I can no longer wander my apartment building hoping to fill my pumpkin bucket with Milky Way and M&Ms. But instead of whining about it, I found a great alternative for Hallow’s Eve – face masks! Revamp your skin and give the little doorbell-ringing kiddies something to scream about when you open the door in the midst of your beauty routine.

Alternative to the Candy Bar Sugar High

Talk about a treat!!! The Montagne Jennesse Rude Mud Masque might as well be pudding…creamy, luscious and oh so chocolatey – it’s good enough to eat. Well, don’t eat the mud, instead, lie back, relax and savor the scent as the formula penetrates deep and drawing out impurities from pores (and probably your soul). Although it’s mud, or more technically kaolin clay, the moisturizing benefits of Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter keep the skin hydrated. Use this once a week and you can skip desert. Think of all the calories you’ll save.


Alternative to Carving Pumpkins

The Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins always look good, but that’s after the fact that you just spent an hour with the mushy insides. Forgo the mess with Zia Treatments Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask, instead of the money you spend on the real thing, why not invest in something that will repair sun damaged for the summer months? The combination of carrot juice and Vitamins A and E help correct cell damage and dark patches, while the pumpkin puree helps improve skin texture. And because the mask is soft and texturized, it feels like authentic pumpkin mush.


Alternative to Tricks

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without some tricks. This is where the Bioré Pore Perfect Self-Heating Mask comes in. Drum roll please…in one minute your face will transform from dull to blue? Yes, blue. Once the whitish mask with blue granules is applied, kaolin warms on contact as it opens pores for a deep clean. Within 60 seconds, the color changes to a greyish-blue, signaling the that your mini-facial is complete. I say that this is better than rabbits pulled out of a hat.


Alternative to a Goosebumps Mud Monster costume

No need to dress up – just apply Jason Red Elements Red Clay Masque to face and neck (hell, it’s about fun, why not all over). Thanks to red tea, which contains 50 percent more antioxidants than green tea, and copper your skin will increase collagen production and boost circulation, leading to softer, smoother exterior. The application is a treat of its own; it feels like satin on the skin. Bonus points for organic ingredients. I dare you to answer the door when you use this clay mask.


Remedy to Grown-up Costume Parties

If you decide to venture out to celebrate ghosts and goblins with margaritas and a naughty nurse costume, make sure that the Comodynes Energy Mask: Anti-Fatigue Effect is waiting for you at home. The little packets use a mixture of firming and toning vegetable extracts to bring skin back to life. For example, tensine, a wheat protein concentrate, helps with the firming action and forms an elastic film over skin. While the coralline officinalis extract, a marine substance, increases oxygenation and cellular metabolism rate, which lead to anti-stress effects. Aside from the science, I like that it feels light, fresh and cool – making me forget that who I’ve doctored.


Originally published October 2007



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