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By Erin Williams


How many mindless calories do you pick up from sodas, not to mention the evil sugars that you take in?

Yes. It’s hard to get your daily 8 glasses of water in, and, even when you attempt godliness with various vitamin waters, you still get sugar, calories, and carbs. How does it all affect your skin and what’s a South Beach/Atkins/Zone girl to do about it? If you haven’t heard of Borba yet, keep an eye out because it’s spreading like wild fire. Named after its founder, Scott Vincent Borba, the Skin Balanced Water and Aqua-Less Crystalline can change the way you view “taking your vitamins” with results that will show on your face!

Here’s how it works. There are three targeted skin types – Blemish Prevention and Reduction (Clarifying), Aging Skin (Age Defying), and Dry-Dehydrated Skin (Replenishing). The Skin Balanced Water comes in a bottle while the Aqua-Less Crystalline comes in packs that you mix with water. Both are free of carbohydrate, sodium, aspartame, and sugar (they use natural sweeteners) and contain deionized water. Each water type focuses on the vitamins that target improvement of the specific problem in question. Nutrients are injected into water molecules so that they become readily available to your body.

But does it really work? I got a week’s supply of the Replenishing Aqua-Less Crystalline packets and had two every day. They were easy to throw in bag and mix in my water bottle after the gym, or drink at dinner (the color can look a little strange). I will tell you off the bat that they flush out your system like nothing I’ve ever been a part of before. I felt more full and ate less junk in between meals which was a nice side benefit. As for my skin, Clarifying would have been a better match for me, but my skin did feel smooth and even. I think you would have a more definitive result after a month’s use. Which is how they’re marketed.

Bottom line being, it certainly doesn’t hurt to fill up on healthy nutrients that your body needs to keep it happy, and doing it in a way that’s quick and painless is great. At $2.50 a pop, they’re a bargain for a drink that will not only taste good but also focus on your skincare needs. What will they think of next?!

Borba is available at and Sephora.

Originally published April 2005



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