By Susan Romero


It really is true that if you hold on to something for long enough it comes back in style. Although this generally applies to fashion, the same can be said for bikini grooming preferences. When I heard that the “au naturel” look was making a comeback in the bikini area, I couldn’t help but smile. To be honest, I have always preferred a more natural look down there, shunning the Brazilian, landing strip or barely there bikini styles. I put two bikini trimmers to the test to see how well they would help us natural girls stay in style. After all, it is bikini season.

One of the trimmers, the Gillette Venus, is a simple, non-electric style that comes in a kit along with a Venus Embrace razor and some moisturizing lotion. The Gillette Bikini Trimmer has a handle like a razor but at the end is a little plastic comb that trims you like magic by taking off just enough hair at a time that you can’t make a mistake. In no time, my bikini area was shorn and ready for the razor. This trimmer is very light and easy to use. The lotion came in handy, as even a trim can cause slight irritation.

I also sampled the Schick Quattro Trimstyle, which is an electric trimmer and a razor all in one handy purple package. When I turned it on it began vibrating in my hand, reminiscent of some unmentionable gadgets. But I digress. The Trimstyle does the job, especially in tight places because it has such a small size head. The Trimstyle has three adjustable levels for trimming different lengths of hair. I would use this product to make designs or fine tune the area because it is so easy to use.

My verdict on these two trimmers is that the Gillette is great for taking off a lot of hair at once or keeping a longer length, while the Schick Quattro helps to maintain a closer trim. Both razors do the job well but because the Schick Quattro is smaller it really gets at those tough to reach areas.

These products may actually convince me to take it all off one day, but for now I am content to dare to give myself a really close trim.

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Originally published July 2011



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