By Alyssa Borg

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This fall and winter, it looks like big bushy brows are en vogue. Again.

But eyebrows are important in other senses than just fashion. They provide insight into a person’s changing moods and are an effective communication tool. Even Massachusetts Institute of Technology (that MIT) published a study involving subjects identifying celebrity faces, where the celebrities had either their eyes or eyebrows digitally edited out. With the eyes edited out, participants correctly recognized the celebrity 56% of the time. With the EYEBROWS edited out, they only recognized celebrities 46% of the time… That means, your eyebrows are substantially more important in facial recognition and identification than your eyes.

Apparently, the eyebrows are the beautiful hand-carved, arched window frames to the soul.

All joking aside, what does that mean for those with alopecia or who are undergoing chemotherapy?

Or, like my mom, who just got a little too tweezer-happy back in the ‘70’s ’cause, “That was the style.” Because, apparently, everyone wanted to look surprised. All the time. Kind of like face-lifts of the past. Spooky.

Let me introduce you to SurvivorEyes, a brow styling kit that is a simple and precise system, with a long-lasting formula.

Featuring Sorme® Cosmetics, each brow kit comes with reusable eyebrow stencils, a dual-sided applicator brush, plus instructions and information about the company and where your money goes. Hint: 5% of their annual profits go to charities including and the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (

SurvivorEyes also sells two other lines of eyebrow enhancing essentials:
Forever Brows is a great set in a sparkly silver box, with accessories and two brow shades of a water-proof, sweat-proof pomade, and it’s been featured on (
It makes a fabulous gift for several types of occasions, including fundraisers, swag bags, Christmas gifts, or even bridesmaid’s gifts.

And my favorite (whoever created this name should get a raise), Brows 4 Bros, which does not come in a sparkly silver, but rather a classic looking, brown leather-style box.

You can find more information at, including President Lisa Brambilla’s choice, after beating cancer, to do what she could to help others maintain a bright outlook through incredibly challenging times.

A big shout out to Lisa, who gladly sent me both a Forever Brow and a SurvivorEyes kit, the latter of which has been shared with my oncologist, who, like many other doctors, recognizes the importance of positivity during cancer evaluation and/or treatment.

Originally published October 2017



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