By Jessa Moore


A new trend in spa treatments, and something I have a personal interest in, is energy work. Reiki is a form of healing in which a practitioner tunes into a client’s energy, ailments-pain, anxiety…whatever is causing the body to be out of balance. And like many spa treatments, Reiki creates a sense of harmony and well-being which translates to a glow that can be read as inner beauty.

There are some Energy Practitioners that believe a specific stone has powers that can be activated by a Reiki “cleansing” or ritual that activates its own unique properties. For example, amethyst gives off stability, strength, invigoration, and peace, while garnet represents health. The Reiki practitioner, in this case is actually infusing the stone with energy.

Every so often, I encounter something that just touches me and I simply have to know the story behind it. I love jewelry the way other women love their Manolos, and I have just encountered a “jewelry artisan” named Andrea Rosenfeld. Her creativity and generous healing spirit led her to create a beautiful line of fine jewelry that tie in with her philosophy that energy is a healing force of nature.

Inspired by a friend with Leukemia, Andrea is a working artist in many mediums, including metalworking that infuses her kinetic pieces with the healing energy of Reiki and allows each piece to be informed by both the stones used and the energy clearing she performs. Her piece “Aqua Amoeba”, as seen in WWD, uses raw aquamarine and raw silver, which encourages the innate ability to “always be prepared”. Aquamarine emits gentle and compassionate energy, and helps people take responsibility. Raw silver steadies the stone and acts as a mirror to the soul. The piece moves with the wearer and is transformed with movement.

These pieces are not just works of art, they are playful, imaginative, and tap into Andrea’s view of the world by being unique and available on a limited basis. She has researched each stone’s unique healing properties and incorporated it into her designs and includes a title and history. Andrea donates pieces on a regular basis to charity. To me, this speaks of a life philosophy, which cannot help but spill into her work. The pieces are lovely, and can be found at and

Originally published December 2010



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