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As women in New York, we take pride in keeping up with the latest trends and maintaining the importance of health and beauty. But, as women, we also know that we get the urge – the craving for that ultimate indulgence. That sweet morsel of sugary goodness that makes us light up like the Empire State Building. You know we all want it, you know we all need it, well ladies – I am going to tell you where to get it, right here, month after month!

I am Samantha, THE DESSERTIST, a designer of desserts, if you will. My true passion in life is dessert. All desserts, and I love my adventures to find the best this city has to offer. I want to take you with me around this beautiful city and treat you to the most sinful confectioneries you can imagine. When you need that fix, go for nothing but the best, and I will lead the way.

Feed that sweet treat craving. Relax, enjoy, and get ready for a wildly delectable ride.


Stay Sweet,


NYC’s Sweet Fall!
Top 5 Places to find Fall Flavor Inspired Desserts

By: Samantha Eichenberg – THE DESSERTIST

It was not your typical Saturday. I packed up my daughter Charley and we set out on a sugary adventure around NYC. She’s 3, I know, I’m crazy – but, it truly was one of the best days ever.

I was on the hunt to find the best fall inspired desserts I could find. I looked long and hard, but I found what I believe to be the best in the city. I am a woman of adventure so I was up to try everything, no matter how crazy it seemed. Everything from the most sensational pumpkin pudding to turkey & gravy donuts (WHAT?!), it was quite an experience. Even Miss Charley tasted everything and hung on for the entire 10 hour ride of sugar consumption. It was all worth it, that’s for sure.

It is my pleasure to share my findings with you and I highly recommend you make your way to these places soon and taste the glory for yourself.

Zucker Bakery

I don’t even know were to start here. I definitely walked out of this charming bakery completely mind blown. Not only did they combine every essential Thanksgiving flavor into desserts, but they did it with 100% success. I was welcomed with 4 delicious Thanksgiving donuts: Cranberry, Sweet Potato Marshmallow, Turkey & Gravy and Turkey & Cranberry. Amazed at what was in front of me I dove right into the craziest of all flavors; Turkey & Gravy. The donut was so warm and super soft, perfect amount of doughy-ness and a subtle but fulfilling sweetness. It’s pumpkin spice base flavor for the cake was a great platform for what came next. I was immediately taken back buy the super warm and creamy taste of turkey and gravy. I mean, wow, such an unexpected flavor. It took me back to my childhood back in Ohio eating T&G over sweet rolls and biscuits. For a long while I just couldn’t put into words what I was tasting, it was just so…different, but so incredible. I followed up with the Turkey & Cranberry which definitely had more of the sweet element in its flavor. The sweet and tart flavors were an excellent play on one another. Of course, the Sweet Potato and Marshmallow was sensational. The marshmallow was soft, sweet and melted in your mouth. The donut itself was light, fluffy, and a bit savory. Overall, my suggestions (if you are a bold) go in an order all 4 together. It was like having Thanksgiving dinner in one bite. Think back to the scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory when Violet takes that gum that taste like an entire dinner. This is what eating a Zucker Thanksgiving donut was like for me, just an incredible experience with a wonderful creative team behind this creation. Go early, get them warm, and wow your senses. Impossible not to love.

Lady M Confections

If I was fluent in French I would be screaming “Ouah! Ouah!” But I am not so I will just say it like I know it. WOW, WOW! Not only have they brought the exquisiteness of French pastry to the city but they also incorporated the taste of fall in the most elegant way possible. When walking into the bakery I was immediately sat down and welcomed with open arms. I quickly had four desserts placed in front of me and I’m sure my eye lit up like the tree at Rockefeller Center. The desserts were all part of their Seasonal Menu. Luckily, I had brought fellow BN Editor, Kelly Hushin, with me to indulge, so handling four was pretty easy. We both enthusiastically dug in to each dessert, excited for each bite. If you want the fall flavor, enchantment and beauty, look no further than Lady M Confections.

Marron Mille Crêpe Cake – A twist on their signature Mille Crêpes it has no less than twenty, light as air crêpes stacked and filled with a rich chestnut kissed cream. Intense nutty flavor, sweetness, and airiness make this a delicious taste of fall.

Gâteau Nuage – Light as a cloud cheesecake emanates the perfect balance of sweet and richness. Whipped creamy cheesecake topped with a thin layer of fresh sour cream does wonders for the pallet. Cinnamon laced graham cracker crust ties this fall delight all together.

Pumpkin Nuage – Mix together the most perfect cheesecake with a perfectly made pumpkin pie and you will have the Pumpkin Nuage. Flawless blending of pie and cheesecake, this dessert is both fluffy and indulgent. Baked into a crunchy graham crust you get the best of both worlds and flavors.

Flan aux Pomme – truly a unique dessert made up of many different flavors and confections. My favorite part of this dessert was the shortbread crust. I have never had anything like it before; so delicious. The crust housed caramelized spiced apples that were placed inside a sweet and velvety vanilla flan with a golden brûlée crust. Flavors complimented each other greatly. Apples were a tad on the cold side for me with this dessert, but it’s still worth tasting.

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

This was a fun, happening spot down in the village, and probably my daughter’s favorite. Mostly, because it was ice cream and she is three and secondly, because it was full of rainbows and unicorns. Such a pleasurable environment you smile right as you walk through the door. Now, the ice creams – holy moly! Not only is there regular menu out of this world, but their holiday treats are so awesome. While Charley ate her large vanilla ice cream covered in rainbow sprinkles I was given the pleasure of tasting their Gobblers! The name is accurate because you gobble them up. For the holidays they feature their Pumpkin Gobbler: layers of creamy ice cream, pumpkin butter, maple butter and this awesome crumble to add texture. It is layered to perfection so you get the ice cream and toppings in every single bite you take. Same goes for the Apple Gobbler: layers of the sweet vanilla ice cream, but this time made with apple and bourbon butter and again topped with the crumble. Both are so sweet, so smooth, and have that kick of spice. Ice cream is cold, butters are hot and the crumble stays crunchy. These fall delights leave you feeling satisfied in every which way.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine

Hiding beneath a red canopy in the LES is this groovy little bake shop. SO many colors, so many flowers, so many cupcakes and treats! It’s amazing that this small shop offers up some really big fall flavor. I went here for the pudding, and boy I’m glad I did. The Nog, as they call it is a festive holiday pumpkin and egg nog pudding. I was lucky enough to receive a fresh made batch. I watched as one of the shops owner, Peggy, carried out this massive bowl that literately was bigger than her. She then dished out this delectable, layered goodness into a cup while I stood there absolutely amazed at all the different things happening at once. The fresh whip cream to start, so light and perfect, next is the egg nog pudding. I’ve never had egg nog, but you can bet I’ll be guzzling it up if it tastes anything like this pudding. Smooth and creamy with a perfect blend of holiday spices. All of this was built of a foundation of decadent pumpkin cake. It was moist and crunch at the same time. I have no idea how they got the texture to stay like that, but let me tell you, it was incredible. I am a texture nut, and this took the cake (pun intended) when it came to the perfect blend of texture. I was in pudding heaven, and I encourage everyone to make the trip downtown to try this fall delight. Fair warning, it goes fast!

Momofuku Milk Bar

Crack Pie. Yep, that’s right. The signature crack pie. The name suits well because I am now addicted. Momofuku Milk Bar, a name you know in NYC is dishing out holiday treats like there is no tomorrow. Crack Pie, being no exception. I have wanted it every day since I first tried it. I had it for dinner, breakfast & lunch. It is sensational. Why is the pie a fall flavor, well I will tell you. Though the crack pie is a signature dessert on their menu, it offers a fall flavor experience. For those that are allergic to nuts (I know many are) this Crack Pie give you the taste and experience of eating a pecan pie, without the anaphylactic shock that follows. The filling is rich and buttery, sweet and caramelized. Decadent and smooth. All of this goodness is wrapped in a toasted oat crust. So for me, an anti-nut DESSERTIST (yes I carry an epi), this was an exceptional fall dessert. I washed the pie down with Pumpkin Pie Truffles. This was everything the name said it was. Silky pumpkin pie in the center rolled in a mixture of spices, pie crust, and graham. These little morsels of fall goodness are highly addictive. The pumpkin flavor is so intense and it hits the spot perfectly when you need a little “holiday pick me up”. Best part, most locations are open until midnight! Hello late night cravings.

Well readers, these are my picks for the Best Fall + Winter Desserts. I know excellent desserts when I find them, and am more than happy to share my findings with you.

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Stay Sweet NYC,


Originally published December 2013



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