By Kelley Granger


Sometimes it seems the hardest part of traveling isn’t jet lag, delayed flights, hotel arrangements or finding your way – it’s making the damn zipper on your suitcase close. And as we’re sure you’ve found out, every little bit counts in bulging luggage. So let’s start with your makeup bag and some of your favorite brands of personal products that have whittled down the size to help make packing a snap.


Fake a ducha with Clean’s new Shower Fresh Roller Ball

Clean Shower Fresh Roller Ball
By the end of your ten day excursion to Bali, you’re going to be so sick of wearing that floral fragrance you brought you’ll be nauseous just thinking about it. Why not opt for something a little simpler and easy on the sniffer? If you’re not already a fan of Clean fragrances (aptly inspired by soap), you will be after tossing one of their newly introduced roller balls in your bag. Shower Fresh is our favorite, a .34 oz. bottle of their crisp-but-easygoing, citrus topped, faintly floral perfume. Check it out, because smelling like you just stepped out of the shower will always be a fresh idea. Available exclusively at Sephora.


Cargo PurseGloss is a happy medium between large tin and bubbles of DailyGloss

Cargo PurseGloss
We probably don’t need to convince you of the merits of Cargo lipgloss. You already know the smooth- gliding formula comes in a variety of shades and is the perfect non-sticky gloss for your pucker. But the cool tin the gloss comes in doesn’t always travel so well, as you may have found out. Cargo introduced DailyGloss, single-use packs of gloss-on-the-go, but the applicator brush can sometimes become a hassle to carry along. Now they’ve met us halfway with PurseGloss, a squeezable tube with a dispensing brush attached, and cap that screws on tight to prevent unwanted slicking. Available in nine shades like sparkly pink London and Beijing, a shimmering raspberry, these were made for globe-trotting. Get yours anywhere Cargo is sold or at


Paul Labrecque’s Daily Travel Set has got you covered, head to toe

Paul Labrecque Daily Travel Set
Paul doesn’t just have a handle on your hair. When it comes to travel, he’s got a full body care set you’ve got to get. The Paul Labrecque Daily Travel Set includes 1 oz. portions of shampoo, a luxurious mud conditioner, sweet tea body lotion and bath gel, and the pièce de résistance, a bar of travel massage soap. Not really into bar soap? You’ll think again after rubbing down with this frothy recipe that is exfoliating bliss (and great for stimulating circulation after in-flight swelling). Bring a plastic baggie to store the unused portion for the remainder of your trip – you’re not gonna want to part with it. Find the set at


Hoffman’s Spa Shower set is a single use solution

Lisa Hoffman Spa Shower Daily Shower Care
If you’re a travel minimalist, you may not want to tote around larger sized portions of body potions that you know won’t get used up. Mrs. Dustin Hoffman has concocted a solution that’s perfect for short business trips, overnighters and stashing in your purse before a girl’s night out. Lisa Hoffman’s Spa Shower 24 Hour Care Collection offers single use packets of her lightweight and hydrating fare, including a cleansing gel, body scrub, body oil, body lotion and hand and foot cream that incorporate natural botanicals like orchid extract (anti-oxidant) and star fruit extract (age prevention). Simply use once and toss. Sold at Bergdorf Goodman, Apothia at Fred Segal and at

Originally published June 2008



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