By Kelley Granger


Natural Health International’s Herbatonin

Ever find yourself kept awake by the clanging of your hotel’s air conditioner? Or have you ever tossed and turned for hours on end with time-zone-transition troubles? If the sun is sneaking through the windows before you’ve had a chance to catch some zzz’s, toss a travel pack of Herbatonin in your suitcase before your next trip. A source of 100 percent natural melatonin (the hallowed hormone that regulates sleep cycles), Herbatonin capsules can help your body adjust to time differences by taking a pill before sleep a couple of days before departure, then taking again a half hour before the normal bedtime hours in your new destination. The melatonin used in the capsules is safe for vegetarians (it’s harvested from rice) and may even have some healthful effects beyond a good night’s sleep – studies suggest the hormone stimulates antioxidant powers and may help stimulate the immune system, too. With cold and flu season almost upon us, every extra bit counts!

Herbatonin is available at many Whole Foods Markets. To find a store near you, visit

Sleep Pretty in Pink Travel Case

Smeared mascara and flattened lashes are just two of the most common sleep mask side effects. But using one, especially on red-eye flights, can be crucial to getting any shut-eye. Meet Sleep Pretty in Pink, a travel case that contains soft ear plugs to filter out snoring, passenger banter, and other annoying noises, and also a sleep mask that’s contoured. The beauty of this mask is that it won’t wreck your eye makeup (the area above the eyes is raised so it doesn’t come in contact with lashes or eyelids) and is also curved to fit around the nose, which allows a total blackout experience. Sure, it may look a little sillier to wear than a regular sleep mask, but you won’t be seeing or hearing any comments, now will you?

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Originally published October 2009



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