Three Skincare Treats for Travel

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Many summers ago, I was deeply possessed by a book– From Alice to Ocean, by Robyn Davidson and Rick Smolan. It documents a cross-continental trek in the ideal company of one dog and four camels. The vivid adventure explores the practice of traveling light, a process I’ve aspired to ever since but rarely achieve.

Pay close attention because the following are all you need to pamper and protect your face for whatever journey calls you.

Limited Edition Hydrating Floral Essence: the Power of Rose, from Tata Harper, is a tote-worthy must-have that moisturizes, refreshes, heals, tones, soothes and stabilizes travel-weary moods with its seductive scent of rose essential oil. Use on the plane to keep your skin quenched, use over make-up, use often. I can attest: frequent use improves your mood.


If you’ve read my column before you know I applaud products that have multiple uses. Wild Rose Beauty Balm from Neal’s Yard Remedies is an apothecary in a jar. It’s a cleanser that leaves your face petal soft. But wait, there’s more: I’ve used it as a moisturizer, a mask, a lip balm, a nail balm, a heel softener, an eyebrow tamer and in-flight to keep me aglow. The balm contains collagen-boosting rosehip seed oil, skin-rejuvenating patchouli, borage for anti-inflammation and geranium to keep things in balance.


Travel can be deeply irritating. I recently packed The Age Control (Dry) Solution from PCA Skin and for once my skin was not upset and imbalanced as the result of my usual haphazard mix of tiny travel samples. This neat and complete kit–there’s a solution kit for every skin type–contains all you need for three weeks of adventurous days and nights. I also recommend stocking up on full-sized products for your return home.


If you choose to stay close to home this summer, plan to visit Remedies Herb Shop and consult with Cheryl, the shop’s kind and knowledgeable proprietor. She will direct you toward effective, toxin-free skincare products made with ingredients sourced from around the world and crafted here in Brooklyn.

Remedies Herb Shop
453 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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