By Kim Taylor


Here are some travel products that will definitely ramp up your comfort level while trekking — and in some cases, the style level too.

Patagonia is revered for its travel-friendly products and apparel, and the brand’s shoes are flight friendly too. This Maha Ballet Perf shoe will get you through anything in style and comfort – even a dead run for the plane. Available in a variety of colors, this flexible shoe works in both warm and cold weather locales. Find it at

Tired of having to take your belt off when passing through airport security? Wear a Jelt instead: a belt with no metal for traveling that happens to be ultra-comfortable for everyday wear. Available in two sizes, stripes or solid, four colors in all; the Jelt belt is flattering and it works. Check them out – you’ll love them:

Another way to keep your pants up is to use the Kevel Fly Tie, a zipper saver for those times when your zipper won’t stay up or your pants are just a wee bit too snug (see: “Eclairs” in our City Pulse section). Kevel saves the day with its elastic band or “fly tie” that permits you to discreetly loosen your waistband so you can keep those favorite jeans. The Kevel Perfect Fit works the same way but has an extra band that loops through the button hole, permitting up to 2 inches of extra waist space. They won’t bust the budget, either:

Nap Anywhere is a portable, comfortable head support pillow for travelers that passengers can use anywhere. It’s shape-able for your head and neck size, and all you need to do is place it, adjust it, and get some shut-eye before you reach your destination. Developed by a doctor who wanted more support than other neck pillows could provide, you can read more and view the video at and

Of course you’ll need to pack your toothbrush, so here are two new options: the new REACH Complete Care toothbrush introduces the triple angle brush for cleaning left, straight and right and for easier plaque removal in those hard to reach areas. Check out the Triple Angle Floss and Triple Angle Pro models at or your favorite drugstore and travel with a smile.

The Pee Pocket was invented by dads for their daughters and is perfect for athletes, remote travelers, pregnant women, the elderly, the disabled, the very young, and for those queasy about public lavatories. Purchase singletons or three to a pack; they come with a hygienic wipe so hands never have to get wet and a disposable bag. Voila, problem solved. Visit

Stur is a natural stevia water enhancer with 7 essential vitamins and zero calories that will help you enjoy your water more (which is great for hydration and maintaining good health). It’s lightweight and can fit in a purse or luggage for transforming water wherever you go, and it comes in 6 fruit flavors. Add Stur to teas or cocktails too;

Happy trails!

Originally published September 2014



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