Winter Reds: Wines for The Holidays

With the leaves changing color so must your wine. Few things go better with a crackling fireplace and a good book than a glass of red poured alongside you. For that we have two up and coming wines that have made their way to your local liquor store.

VOGA Italia’s beautiful eye-catching bottle is matched by the refreshing taste of its new Fusion. Derived from the vineyards of Salento, this blend of Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon is bold in entry but light on one’s tongue. Its black fruit notes along with the smooth toasty finish make it easily accessible to those new to the world of wine. Fusion’s splendid versatility allows for it to be enjoyed on its own or paired with a meal.?

Malbec’s surging popularity has made its presence a must in any wine lover’s cabinet. To meet this demand EPICA has created its own take on the Argentine varietal. The company’s newest edition helps solidify EPICA’s reputation for making robust, complex wines at an affordable price. The lush crimson color of the pour is accompanied with a floral bouquet and fantastic mouthfeel. Being that the grapes come from the province of Mendoza, a place famous for cattle, it is no coincidence that it is best paired with beef and other heavy dishes that match its deep flavor profile.

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