Great Danes: A Scandanavian Style Watch

Though we all tote around cell phones and live in the digital era, there’s something timeless (no pun intended) and reassuring about wearing a good watch. For starters, it’s far easier and more polite to discreetly glance down at an elegant watch than to check your phone in social and professional situations, and it also adds a level of sophistication to your attire. When it comes to sleek, lovely watches, Copenhagen’s Nordgreen knows how to re-define and deliver styles for women and men that can elevate any outfit, and the simplicity of Scandinavian design is exemplified and exulted in their classic watch styles.

Nordgreen’s watch styles encompass Philosopher (a casual-yet-upscale leather or fabric strip in various colors), Pioneer (a chronograph with more hardware near the dial), Native (a black dial with a band in gun metal, gold, silver or rose gold), and Infinity (white dial with band in gun metal, gold, silver, or rose). Designed with the traditional Scandinavian “less is more” aesthetic, Nordgreen’s styles will complement almost every outfit. These watches will add a layer of sophistication to super casual styles, and will fit in a boardroom setting as well.

Humankind has always been fascinated with the concept of time – from the obelisk, water clock, hourglass, wheel of time, pendulum clock, pocket watch, to these inspired watches. Striking in their simplistic design by Danish designer Jakob Wagner, they meld functionality with perfect form. Strap on a tribute to enduring Danish innovation, and arrive everywhere ten minutes early.

Check out all of the styles, especially the bestselling ones, and see which suits your fancy:


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