Révive: The EGF-Powered, Skin-Renewing Wonder

Révive skin care products are formulated with cutting edge science and EGF. EGF (epidermal growth factor) is the Nobel Prize-winning, bio-engineered molecule that can help damaged skin heal more quickly. Révive’s founder Dr. Gregory Bays Brown started working with EGF by applying it to the skin of burn victims. In 1989, his findings were published in The New England Journal of Medicine. After discovering how EGF helped burned skin heal, Dr. Brown decided to merge biotechnology with beauty to see if the molecule could be used to repair aged, wrinkled skin as well. Dr. Brown discovered that it dramatically reduced signs of aging and increased skin renewal, and in 1994, he was awarded a U.S. patent for EGF as an anti-aging ingredient in skincare.

Dr. Brown’s research in bio-renewal technology is what is exceptional about Révive. Skin-identical proteins are applied to the skin to start mimicking the skin’s renewal process. These vital proteins are what will help your skin appear more youthful.

Révive Peau Magnifique is one of Révive’s most powerful collections. The Révive Peau Magnifique Serum Nightly Youth Renewal Activator helps reduce fine lines, increase skin firmness, minimize the appearance of deep lines, and restore facial volume. The formula is powered by RéVive’s signature Bio-Renewal, Bio-Firming, and Bio-Volumizing proteins that are supercharged with boosters to amplify benefits. They work synergistically with a “Quad Drone” delivery system to provide targeted age-defying results.

Quad Drone technology is a breakthrough delivery system to help active materials reach their specific skin destination. Retinol, enzymes and antioxidants are the other ingredients mixed in the formula. The product melts into the skin and improves its appearance at once, strengthening the skin barrier. So start rejuvenating your skin at https://reviveskincare.com/products/peau-magnifique-serum-nightly-youth-renewal-activator

Dr. Brown noticed that there were no sunscreens for the sensitive skin eye area so he created Révive Sensitif Eye Cream SPF 30 Broad Spectrum (UVA /UVB sunscreen). The Eye Cream is a mineral sunscreen that protects the delicate eye area without irritating it. It also balances the skin’s microbiome and minimizes dark circles. Ingredients include grapeseed oil, bio calming actives such as caffeine and bisabolol, pre-biotics and antioxidants such as vitamin E, calendula, ginger root & cocoa seed extracts known to help protect the skin from free radical and blue light damage, niacinamide and Révive’s exclusive Bio-Renewal Protein. It elasticizes and strengthens the skin barrier upon contact, while working as a cover-up to hide dark circles with a light tint. It stays on the skin all day without drying up or needing a refresh. Protect your peepers against the sun at https://reviveskincare.com/products/peau-magnifique-serum-nightly-youth-renewal-activator

Another fantastic product we tried is the Révive Sensitif Repairing Night Cream that features antioxidants to protect from blue light and help neutralize oxidative damage overnight. It includes the Bio Renewal Protein and other super ingredients such pre-biotics, antioxidants, and niacinamide to repair and renew skin at night. This super luxurious night cream, believe me, is like nothing your skin has ever experienced. Wake up looking refreshed with smoother, less lined or dull skin. Though clinical results attest that it takes four weeks to see less lines, I noticed a glow and super clear skin immediately.

Experience this superior skin at https://reviveskincare.com/collections/sensitif/products/sensitif-repairing-night-cream-recovery-for-sensitive-skin.


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