Throw A Kitty Party That Is The Cat’s Meow

Being a dog owner and a dog lover, I’ve been to many dog birthday parties, too numerous to remember. Most times, Darby my rollicking Irish Setter tags along, knocking over my host’s knick-knacks with her wagging tail. I don’t feel the least bit guilty when she commits this and other etiquette faux pas. After all, most of the other canine guests perform social indiscretions as well. At all these celebrations the pooches seem to have a riotous time, eating cake, ice-cream and cookies made especially for their canine palate. What surprises me the most is the sheer variety of treats available at these parties. Luckily for Darby and her Fido friends, there seems to be endless treat concoctions available just about everywhere.

In contrast, I’ve been to only one cat birthday party – without Darby. (If you read my April 2006 article about Darby at a cat party, you’ll know why!) The cat féte was sedate and very enjoyable, almost like a civilized afternoon tea party. However, it seemed there was a lack of cat goodies – no cat cake or ice-cream. My host stuck a candle into a can of opened cat food as a substitute for birthday cake. Fluffy enjoyed her “cake” anyway.


The folks at My Best Friend Specialty Pet Bakery ( realized that your best friend isn’t necessarily a dog. So, if you wanted to host a party that is the cat’s meow, you would want to celebrate in style. They decided to make a cake especially for felines. Their Kitty Cake is made with tuna and other yummy ingredients that cats love. And you can even personalize the cake with a hand painted picture of your pet. All you have to do is email them a picture when you ordered the cake. And if your order requires refrigeration, they send it with dry ice overnight. For further information contact Natalie at or 858-271-0334.

pic2cards.jpg pic3tins.jpg

Every fabulous party has to start off on the right foot…or paw! Send out eye catching invitations like the bright Kitty Kit cards from Trixie+Peanut ( Chic bi-fold Pet Announcements feature fill-in blanks on one side and convenient self adhesive dots to mount a 3 1/2″ x 5″ photo on the other. Also available at this fabulous store are Cat Tin Treats – perfect party favors.
Cats will purr for the delicious delicacies in the little tins of cat treats. The set of three Cat Tins contain organic catnip, yummy catfish treats, and fishy catbit treats, all sure to please the palate of finicky felines.

If you throw your feline festivity later in the year, Trixie+Peanut have the purrrfect Kitty Gift Bag for the holidays. You can use it as the cutest little party purse.


Order online or visit Trixie + Peanut Pet Emporium
at 23 East 20th Street, NY
(between Broadway and Park Ave)
Store Hours:
Tues – Sat 11am – 8pm.
Sunday 12noon – 5pm.
Closed on Mondays.
For more information call 212-358-0881.

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