VESTA: Keeper of the Inner-Flame

VESTA in the Yoga pose known as ‘Kundalini Lotus’

Commonly associated with Virgo, asteroid Goddess VESTA ‘Keeper of the Inner Flame’ relates to the spark of our soul calling and indicates the types of contributions we make in service to the greater good. Astrologer Molly McCord (1) speaks to Vesta as symbolic of how our soul’s energy burns bright as an internal flame (Fire/ego) within the physical container of the body (Earth/practicality). Vesta indicating our connection to the ‘eternal flame’ of spirit or source, it’s a feminine energy strongly associated with nurturing, sisterhood and relating to others in a supportive, kind manner. Vesta is home and hearth – think the literal fireplace – what we use to keep warm, cook food, provide safety and bring comfort. The sacred flame burns within each of us, however, is this sense of self and purpose grounded? What do we have to offer this world? This is your spark, how you energetically create a *spirit* home within yourself. Vesta asks us to lean into where one comes home to self, feels connected to an inner knowing or soul calling, and awakens feminine receptivity.

Spiritpreneur Gitzuz Jewlz founder Ixchel ‘Urban Gypster’ of NYC

A giver and servant associated with nuns and virgins, historically, Vesta ruled the Virgin Priestesses of the temple. Think esoteric sisterhoods harnessing sacred sexuality to bring down the fertilizing powers of the moon. (2) An Elder Keeper of this ancient tradition, Vesta preserves and hands down ancient ceremonial techniques for the descent of magical energy into human hands.  Vesta is about sharing energies, but likewise teaches temperance and discernment. Who do you share your sacred flame with? Connected to our kundalini energy, the serpent or ‘flame of intelligence’ at the base of the spine, Vesta is a private energy typically associated with the Virgo ruled Hermit card, a symbol of ascetic retreat. In ASTEROID GODDESSES: The Mythology, Psychology and Astrology of the Re-emerging Feminine, what I draw from in the Vesta astro-insights by sign below, Demetra George and Douglas Bloch (3) outline how when a person becomes fragmented, overly dependent upon others, or lacking independent direction, Vesta’s cycle takes them through the transformative process of renewal of the essential self. Representing self-renewal as well as regeneration and inner union with self, Vesta shows up as our spiritual devotion to a given path, retreat from the outer world, liberation from sexual inhibitions and complexes as well as health integration. Like Virgo (ruler of health/disease) Vesta ask us to clarify and cleanse the body as a vessel of spirit.

At her most essential, Vesta is the principle of commitment which utilizes creative energy in singular focus. Think of your Vesta as the torch you carry for a cause you are deeply dedicated to and work with others on. As a torch of energy you carry from lifetime to lifetime, Vesta’s inner flame signifies our soul’s contributions through the ages. Vesta puts the sacred heart’s desires into purposeful action and creates connections with others in mutual, harmonious acts of service. In the astrological wheel, Vesta corresponds to the Ascendent, indicating self-identity and autonomy. At an Occult level Vesta is sexual energy turned inward for inner spiritual union. Governing the kundalini’s sexual fire, her eternal flame of intelligence is indicated by the fire of her glyph.

Denying sexual intimacy outwardly with the ‘other’ (Scorpio) Vesta turns sexual energy inward (Virgo) to realize the divine through inner union with self. Not to be confused with the popular notion of ‘virgin’ coopted by religion, Vesta energy is rather, *virgin* in the true sense of self-contained, self-generated, self-possessed and self-fulfilled. While Vesta interacts with the masculine, she remains autonomous and reabsorbs back into self. Her myth details how sacred sisterhoods of ancient times ritually transformed sexual energy for the purpose of enlightenment and liberation. Gathering energies, Vesta is about how focus bestows gifts of clarity and illumination. For those of us that have lost our focus, Vesta can be as intense as Pluto, and is occasionally referred to as a blend of Virgo and Scorpio. In a natal chart Vesta corresponds to work and service done with integrity and passion, access to sisterhood energy and how we deal with our personal sexual energy – either through free expression, sublimation or repression.

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Many of us may not know our Vesta, especially since before the discovery of asteroids, the only feminine significators in astrology were Venus and the Moon. The asteroid’s expansive (feminist, queer, non-binary) trajectory represents a *quantum leap* for human consciousness. Outlying ‘queer’ and ‘feminist’ asteroids draw wisdom from Matrifocal mystery traditions and cultural folklore to correct the primacy given to masculine gods of war and conquest within Western Astrology. Active agents of personal transformation, asteroids Ceres, Pallas Athene, Juno, Vesta and others facilitate evolution from individual ego understanding to collective consciousness. They have been called “carriers over the bridge” beyond patriarchy into an age of cosmic equality. Our natal chart is our individual and unique cosmic imprint, our gnosis, evolutionary potential, and path of least resistance. Given the way in which Western Astrology’s mythic framework greatly undermines the powers of female-identified persons and non-gender-normative bodies, queer asteroids correct the patriarchal monopoly on the mythic imaginary, destiny and what’s possible.

If you don’t already know the sign and house of your Vesta at birth, you’ll need to download a free natal chart HERE. To illuminate asteroid Vesta, select ‘Additional Objects’ from the menu and choose ‘Vesta’ from the drop-down list, indicated by the ? symbol. Read on for more Keeper of the Inner-flame astro-insights through the zodiac, with healing Vesta Rx proscribed by Midheaven Or Nah.

VESTA IN ARIES *Trailblazing Firebolt*

Rx: Spring Tea Sampler Set

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Tina Turner

Vesta in Aries works with a high degree of self-involvement. Self-motivated to a fault, you work best alone and prefer to execute your own ideas. Strongly independent, you’re not one to let yourself be dominated or possessed by another. Alienation occurs when one becomes too selfish or self-centered. Let other’s participate within your glorious vortex of activities – many would gladly follow your lead! Dream big and expect many significant personal accomplishments. You may be a talented leader, warrior, athlete, mentor or rockstar-like inspiration in your community. Retaining autonomy within the context of relationship is important to you. Make sure you thoroughly know yourself, as playing someone’s ‘other half’ simply won’t work. Nor will caving into others expectations or the stasis of codependent bonds. Passionate and active in all that you do, spontaneous creative inspirations are best put into action! Dislikes routine, taking orders and playing by the rules. Single-mindedness and perseverance go a long way, when you leave behind self-doubt. Embodied in a sensual and instinctive way – no mind/body split here, just a force to be reckoned with! When you feel knocked off your center, make sure to carve out more personal space.

Vesta in Aries bursts out on the scene jubilantly, coinciding with the birth of a whole new astrological year. Spring is in the air – birds are chirping, winds are blowing sweetly and flowers are blossoming everywhere. Your body is purging and purifying toxins, releasing the heaviness and stagnation built up during winter. Sweet, fragrant and floral Adagio Teas Spring Tea Sampler Set is sure to get you celebrating the season.

A curated teaser of premium loose leaf tea sourced from small farmers in Japan, Taiwan, India and China, the sampler includes White Eternal Spring (a low caffeine white tea blend) Melonberry Green (green tea infused with refreshing hints of watermelon and strawberry), Lemon Meringue Green (green tea infused with elegant notes of lemon, vanilla and cream) and my absolute favorite Berry Creme Compote (a caffeine-free three-berry compote which will have your taste buds soaring like you just toasted with a crooning Bluebird.

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VESTA IN TAURUS *Self-Satisfied & Fertile AF*

Rx: Get Your Hands Dirty on an Urban Farm

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Pink

Vesta in Taurus means that you’re capable of tremendous patience and fortitude with respect to work – once you’re in a stable space that is. Dedicated in generating resources to support yourself and loved ones, ‘placemaking’ is paramount to overall security and comfort.  With performance steady as a rock, efforts yield tangible results, providing peace afforded by a certain level of material security. Persevering, constant and determined – you are the formidable Bull! A job well done boosts self-esteem. Talent for handling money. With sexuality tied to natural instincts, intimacy provides a pleasurable and organic release. If sexual expression is stymied, accumulated tension causes stress and insensitivity. Taking a pragmatic approach to sensuality and comfort, including honoring your partner’s desires, proves helpful. Caution around becoming too fixed or inflexible, what only repels people and resources that could support you. Avoid overworking when the inner-flame is dim, or lest it could just burnout! Quiet, uninterrupted creative time fuels the primordial fire.

In the sign of fixed Earth, Vesta wants to get her hands dirty. What better way to be in Vesta’s selfless service than volunteering at a local urban farm? East New York Farms! is a community-led, all organic urban farmstead organizing youth and adults to address food justice and promote local, sustainable agriculture and economic development. Founded in 2000, ENY Farms serves primarily as a learning and training space where local youth are paid to learn organic farming techniques and grow healthy, chemical-free food. A dynamic half acre of green space nestled in a part of Brooklyn known fondly as ‘the East,’ ENY Farms grows seventy varieties of culturally relevant, organic produce each year in addition to providing garden beds for community members, free workshops of all kinds, and open volunteer days Wednesday and Saturday. A day volunteering at the farm might look like planting a new seed bed, wielding an industrial strength watering hose or one of Vesta in Taurus’s personal favorites – composting – nature’s way of recycling organic material through decomposition. Composting rebuilds soil, promotes natural plant growth and produces more flavorful, pest and disease resistant, nutrient-dense foods! The East New York Farms compost program works with the community to divert food scraps from landfills and build resilient soil in East New York. The compost program also yields nutrient rich, clean soil for distribution to local community gardeners. If volunteering is not for you, make sure to at least visit the East New York Farmer’s Market running every Saturday from the last week of June – Mid November. A dynamic hub for local gardeners, vendors, and regional farmers, the youth-led Farmer’s Market sells fresh and affordable produce from local gardens and farms, plus hot food vendors, cooking demonstrations, free books, music and other special events.

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VESTA IN GEMINI *MC from the Heart*

Rx: Sakura Gelly Roll Pens

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Megan Thee Stallion

Perhaps you’re a talented female MC, speaker or writer. With Vesta in Gemini, your work streamlines words which convey meaning and integrate infomania. With excellent networking and coordination skills, mental energy is high, even restless. Caution around excessive intellectualism – don’t get so caught up in language that its deeper meaning gets lost. Alternating between spontaneous and organized, you likely have many interests, being oh-so multi-talented and curious. Turning a hobby into a job might make you very happy. Mental interchange is an important fulcrum of sexual response, and you’re quite good at chatting and charming a mate! By the same token, ‘headiness’ can distance you from your loved ones at times, as you tend to rationalize important decisions. Your mind is a great professional asset, so long as you connect it with your heart. Whether expressed for good or ill, you will know and wield the power of words in this lifetime. Focus on clarifying your ideas and notice where you might be avoiding dipping below surface. Meaningful conversations help center you, as does storytelling and teaching. Siblings, neighbors, cousins and all those making up your immediate surroundings are vitally important to your identity and worldview. May experience sibling-like relationships with close friends.

Ready to pen your next great novella, craft an elaborate visual love note to your crush or jot down the lyrics of that power ballad in the works?! Do it in style. Do it with magic, lightness and love. Vesta in Gemini, the proverbial butterfly of the zodiac coinciding with the ‘crossroads’ and Lover’s card in Tarot, is about using words to weave a better world. Conjuring up pastel-rainbows galore, your Vesta Rx is no more, no less than Gelly Roll Pens! With sets available in ‘Metallic’ or ‘Moonlight’ tones, Sakura of America’s opaque colored ink rolls on the paper like liquid light. Even if this Gemini Butterfly can’t fly all the way to Japan this Sakura season, you still require all matters of delightful, soul-stirring revelation and revelry. Smooth and steady as can be, these classic, Japanese-quality Sakura pens deliver professional results every time.

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VESTA IN CANCER *Domestic at Heart*

Rx: Barbie™ x Dragon Glassware® Dreamhouse™ Diamond Glasses

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Rihanna

Vesta in Cancer requires the feeling of being needed to activate commitment. Sympathetic extension to family or dependent individuals enables you to tap into the reservoir of your work energy. Sexual fulfillment goes hand in hand with the feeling of being loved and cherished. At the same time, avoid neediness – what only breeds insecurities and paranoia which could drain any relationship. Emotional hypersensitivity may lead to alienation as you withdraw and attempt to protect yourself from the real or imagined harshness of others. Taking a practical approach to empathy leads to emotional stability. While domestic responsibilities may curtail freedom, messages from the soul emerge from home and hearth. Dedicated above all else to family, which centers you, just don’t let co-dependency isolate you from the rest of the world. Focus on efficiency to keep all pots boiling! You experience a lot of emotional comfort when doing work that you’re passionate about. Vesta in Cancer feels most creative in solitude. Once you feel truly loved and cherished your work will heal others and you will feel a wonderful center within, drawing to you all those that need your sweetness and grace…

Vesta in Cancer craves a home full of beauty and warmth. You treasure your time with those most close to you and love to nurture them through food, why not enhance the romance with iconic Barbie™ Dreamhouse™ drinkware? This diamond-shaped pair by DRAGON GLASSWARE® comes in stunning gold and metallic to feed your inner Barbie aka Modern Matriarch. Vesta in Cancer being a wellspring of raw feelings, imagination, empathy and care… your inner-flame wears her heart on her sleeve, perhaps even carries a certain cloying need for romantic demonstration, affectionate stroking and validation. Based out of Northern California, DRAGON GLASSWARE® (as featured in Forbes, BuzzFeed & Business Insider) is a boutique, designer glassware company offering a variety of modern pieces for home and kitchen. Made with crystal clear, lead-free, high-quality sustainable glass these pieces are dishwasher and freezer safe and clean easily. Great for everyday use, this elegant and functional domestic decor is the perfect thing to crown that meal you cook for your partner-in-crime. The unique shape allows your drink to aerate as it is poured and swirled inside the glass (while the object of your affection pours into you, Vesta in Cancer). Whether filled with spirits or sparkling water, your Dreamhouse set rests elegantly on its side and shines bright like a diamond.

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VESTA IN LEO *The Keys to the Castle Are Within*

Rx: Gitzuz Jewlz

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Halle Berry

Highly creative, spontaneous, charismatic and passionate, Vesta in Leo searches near and far for the keys to happiness, doing things you are passionate about. Feels most motivated when others notice one’s good deeds and express ample gratitude and appreciation. While authority doesn’t bother you, you like to do things your way. You are an original, loved by others as much for who you are as for what FUN you are to be around. Renews life force energy through a focus on creative self-expression, children, play, sacred drama and the Arts. You will need JOY and a feeling of vitality in your life to stay balanced and connected to your inner source. Allow yourself space and time to tend to the inner-flame of your artistic life. When focused on a creative project, you may fully sublimate your sexual energy toward that end. Consciously feel the comfort of your center while you are creating, your dedication could put you in the limelight! Works best when allowed absolute creative free rein. Capacity to have pride in your output focuses the lens of aesthetic output. As one who shines brilliantly, exuding confidence and strength, alienation can occur by way of ‘burning out’ those in close proximity. While you do tend to reign supreme, avoid being overly prideful or arrogant about it.

Committed to LOVE and being LOVED, you require quite a bit of attention! KISS someone! What makes you feel truly ALIVE!? This is your VESTAL connection to Source. Heart-opening meditations can help you. Remember you can only spread your love around if you stay grounded and centered. Courtship and admiration inspire sexual response, but if you come to rely on romance or sex as your primary fuel, you will feel disappointed – perpetually riding the ‘no one loves me’ merry-go-round.

Vesta, Keeper of the Inner-Flame wants to be noticed when she is in LEO! In the sign of Queendom, Vesta takes the business of adornment very seriously. Introducing Gitzuz Jewlz, uniquely handcrafted jewelry designed to balance, cleanse and rejuvenate Body, Mind & Soul! Gitzuz Jewlz collection includes elemental zodiac rings, Ethiopian opal rings, chain bracelets, anklets and more, all harnessing the healing properties of precious gemstones and crystals. Founded by Ixchel ‘Urban Gypster’ of NYC (Model, Native New Yorker, Bruja & Mother-to-be) Gitzuz’s integrated spiritipreneurship reminds us never to underestimate the power of what we put on our body. Not only is this jewelry designed to cleanse and protect the sexual-spiritual energy ruled by Vesta, but it will give your aura the glint of cosmic royalty!

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VESTA IN VIRGO *Self-Generated & Self-Fulfilled*


Celebrity Doppelgänger: Brazilian Supermodel Adriana Lima

Vesta – Goddess of sacred space, independence, sexuality, purity, devotion, focus and service – comes home to her ruling sign of Virgo.  Using sex to stay healthy, you value physical intimacy because it keeps you in your body and out of your head. A perfectionist, you’re quite demanding of yourself, always giving your best effort. Despite seeming independence, you won’t hesitate to lend a helping hand. A very productive placement of Vesta, focus on work is strengthened by Virgo’s ethics of discipline, perfectionism and service. Guardian of the sacred flame, Vesta in Virgo indicates your core identity or ‘sacred space’ for personal reflection and inner focus may be found at work. Earth Warrior Virgo ensures the drive to self-improve and fuels concentration, commitment and focus. Tendency to drive yourself or others too hard at the workplace. On the positive side, you achieve so much because of your consistent efficiency.  While work, health and routine emboldens you, make sure to slow down and do some thorough self-healing when ill. Call on your powers of positive thinking when you need to recenter. Alternatively, you may choose to center by way of purifying and cleansing rituals, or using your hands for creative work such as knitting, sewing, or art.

Vesta in Virgo must fulfill a sacred and authentic calling. Silently passionate, you’ll put forth body and soul toward a worthwhile cause and like to feel useful. And thus, we bring you AFFIRMATION MUSIC from one of the brightest, boldest Virgos we know. Introducing Sunshine Monie El’s latest album, aptly titled Virgo Sunshine. Boasting a Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Virgo or ‘Virgo Stellium’ (with heartfelt tracks for each planet) this solar-flare infused music is for anyone that vibes where true skool hip hop meets cosmic renaissance. With Vesta and Virgo both ruling work, it’s no coincidence that Sunshine is not only a powerhouse female MC, but an astrologer, energy awareness coach and creative entrepreneur.  To learn more about her healing offerings, follow her on IG @lesnobodiesbusinessllc

Sunshine Monie El

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VESTA IN LIBRA *Elegant Without Much Effort*

Rx: MyCHELLE Sun Shield Liquid SPF 30

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Coco Chanel

Vesta in Libra prefers to work with others rather than alone. Presence exudes a soothing aura, drawing people towards you like a gentle breeze. Cultivate harmony in your relationships, actively seek compromise and appreciate the transformative power of beauty. Ability to unite people and construct a serene and equitable society is a gift waiting to be shared. Caution around any ‘compare and despair’ attitude, which can breed extreme competitiveness in the workplace. The need to be recognized as an equal and to exchange a reciprocal give-and-take is an important factor in sexual response. Never sacrifice your inner peace for others’ approval! Strong need to be accepted and admired may make you a people pleaser at times. Release imposter syndrome and the inclination to judge yourself against those who appear to be further along on their path. Achieve a sensible balance between honoring the needs of others and your own. Vesta in Libra’s sacred flame of justice, equality and accountability reminds us what we do has more meaning when shared. Dear Vesta in Libra, your sacrifices have not been in vain. A skilled conductor blending diverse voices into a symphony of collaboration, you effortlessly bring together different perspectives for the greater good. Trust in the power of balance and fairness – your allies in creating a better world. Takes relationship seriously, expecting the same devotion back. Passionate, but never at the expense of your own well-being and comfort. Tense environments leave you feeling nervous and deteriorated. Find a middle ground between channeling energy into yourself and others.

Possessing a talent for the arts and beautification in all forms, your Vesta in Libra wants to feel gorgeous without much effort. Making your morning routine that much more effortless, MyCHELLE Sun Shield Liquid SPF 30 is a sunscreen and liquid foundation in one! With an awesome tint making any complexion look flawless — never again will lathering on SPF smear your pretty looks away. Use it daily for incredible UVA/UVB mineral-based broad spectrum protection. This modern miracle of a product’s key ingredients are bentonite and safflower, leaving no white cast. The bentonite clay-infused makeup naturally absorbs excess oil to reduce surface shine. Available in light-medium and medium-dark, Sun Shield Liquid SPF is free from retinyl palmitate, chemical UV absorbers, parabens, petroleum, phthalates, silicones, sulfates, ureas and artificial fragrances or colors!

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VESTA IN SCORPIO *Sacred Sex Brings One Closer to Source*

Rx: Sexy Modern Gothic Underbust with Halter top

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Cardi B

With Vesta in the sign of the Scorpion, self-expression proves intense and penetrating. When you make a commitment you stand by it, achieving depth and thoroughness in all you do. Dedication and concentration flows naturally, bringing a quality of true soulfulness to your work and creative self-expression. Uber dedicated and passionate, you may at times have tunnel-vision, distancing yourself from other issues or people. Caution around becoming overzealous, pushy or controlling. Talent for spiritual matters such as healing, knowledge of inner-realms, occult or tarot. Highly developed intuition with much wisdom to offer. Questioning your cosmic and spiritual origins proves fruitful. At key turning points, rituals of cleansing and purification prove invaluable. Confides in a small circle of those you deeply trust and prefers to work solo. Complications over shared resources put pressure on you to release personal desires and create a more balanced playing field where resources are shared equally. Taking time for reflection and finding your center helps you tap into resources you didn’t know you had. Craving depth in relationship, sacred sexuality brings your Vesta closer to Source. If sexuality is repressed, one feels tremendously inhibited. Maybe you were victim of an oppressively rigid and shaming religious upbringing. Where there may be issues of sexual abuse or other violations, karma offers hugely painful but important life lessons. An understanding of soul energies, shadow work and ultimately death are part of your work in this lifetime.

An intense and attentive lover, for Vesta in Scorpio, sexuality is regarded as a peak experience, regardless of social taboos. With Vesta in the sign of sex, death and other people’s money, no better way to enhance the cosmic union than handmade corsetry by Hollywood costumer Anachronism in Action. Run by a celebrated full-time freelance costumer based in Los Angeles, when not sewing and pattern drafting for TV, film, theater, music tours and local fashion companies, Anachronism in Action accepts private commissions. Highly specialized in ladies period costume, millinery and vintage inspired corsetry, label owner Kelly Cercone’s extensive textile and construction skills, meticulous nature and professional market savvy have landed her jobs working with 20th Century Fox & Universal Studios. Her pieces have been featured on the cover of Fixation Magazine, as well as in Vogue Italia and Auxiliary Magazine. What you’ll find in her Etsy store is a selection of custom corsets, Hollywood memorabilia and samples such as the featured plus-sized goth/punk/edgy Modern Underbust with Halter top.

A one-of-a-kind sample used in the Cosplay by McCalls pattern line, this top of the line ensemble underbust corset comes with matching fan laced halter top and is made from black green silk dupioni complete with hand painted striped and light reflective piping and appliques. Fits a bust size 38-40” with adjustable lacing. Follow the label on IG @anachronisminaction

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VESTA IN SAGITARRIUS *Light up the Whole World*

Rx: WOMB CAVE Rebirth

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Lil Peep

High adventure and spiritual seeking permeates your experience at every step, Vesta in Sagittarius. Working for a cause you truly believe in focuses your energies like never before. Seeks truth and conveys it with wisdom. Extreme views will likely be challenged, good thing you love verbal sparring! Caution around becoming too preachy, judgmental or holier-than-thou! Tread lightly with respect to the beliefs and sensitivities of others, even as you crusade for a more expansive, spiritually wise world. Even with that charming sparkle in your eyes, nobody likes a fanatic or accidental bully! Open minded and jovial, with a big, exciting personality! Caution around any lack of honesty or loyalty, what will surely undermine the very foundation of your closest bonds. You may sublimate your sex drive into a cause or movement. While visions and projects start off with a bang, finishing things may not be your forte. Notice where you go after the initial excitement has worn off. Even when initiatives lack that glimmer of the new and unknown, circle back to motivation and stay the course. At best, your Vesta is a practical idealist integrating their mystical vision within the reality of the material world.

Vesta in Sag’s sexual response is fed by your adventurous spirit and unbounded sense of freedom. Traveling in mind or body helps you discover new meanings in life and can inspire you to think differently, as your Vesta in Sag lives for travel to exotic lands, emotional outward bounds and otherwise worldview-expanding opportunities. That being said, want to be reborn out of an actual womb cave? In this is potent season of rebirth, new beginnings and endless fecundity… envision an elaborate weekend long immersive ceremonial journey in your honor. Designed for your deepest transformation, quantum expansion and rebirth: Womb Cave REBIRTH is an invitation for anyone who is ready to emerge from the tomb/womb, rebirth yourself into a whole new frequency and up-level your life. It’s for anyone who is ready to ignite Vesta’s powers of purification and clear all the bullshit that’s still in the way of your fullest soul expression! Think quantum leap in your story, stepping into the best version of your Future Self, investing in your highest timeline and UNLIMITED expansion and activating your full creative, spiritual & sexual power! In the sign of natural wisdom coinciding with the birth of transpersonal consciousness, nothing could feel so right…

The Womb Cave REBIRTH experience is a tailored in-person immersive retreat guided by denizen of Daring Style, Deep Substance & Divine SPARKLE LAINIE LOVE DALBY. Having bundled her deepest transformational tools and medicine to catalyze you into the next level of your becoming, your rebirth experience encompasses Oracular Astrology, Shadow Work, Soul Retrieval, Multidimensional Shamanic Healing, Ecstatic Embodiment Practices, Qoya Inspired Movement, Ritual, Ceremony and Expressive Arts. All this and more culminating in a cave ceremony where you’ll be reborn out of the womb of Gaia herself. This 3-day in-person transformational retreat takes place in Missouri, the ‘cave state’ known for the medicine deeply inscribed in the Earth there. Womb Rebirth includes organic ayurvedic meals made with love, spacious accommodations in an incredible modern Earthen home, rebirth Medicine Bundle, preparatory zoom session with Oracular Astrology Reading, a Transformational Journal and more. Join Lainie Love Dalby in her passionate mission to free Human Spirits that have been told they’re either “too much” or “not enough” to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® and step into their authentic power & sovereignty.

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VESTA IN CAPRICORN *Our Lady of Crowning Achievement*

Rx: Fountain of Youth Collagen

Celebrity Doppelgänger: American born “Queen of Tejano Music” SELENA

What is your crowning achievement, Vesta in Capricorn? What are you mastering in this lifetime? While you’re fit to climb any mountain, Vesta asks that one make sure to feel the pull in your gut, heart and womb. Working incessantly only feeds the inner-flame if the goal is in utmost integrity. Vesta in Capricorn works best in a structured and disciplined fashion, with efforts motivated by ambition and endless drive. While adherence to rules and regulations serves you, don’t let rigidity override presence of heart. Achieves success by paying your dues. Resisting temptations of all kinds, your steadfast manner at work gives stability to others – contributing to their growth and advancement. Discipline brings boons of status and respect. Not one to play wifey without the ring, your Vesta requires commitment, loyalty and honor for a relationship to be sexually fulfilling. Willingness to ‘have the talk’ with a partner – setting healthy parameters for what mutual expectations in relationship are – serves you in the long run. Where you associate intimacy and emotional involvement with criticism, judgment or loss of control – you shrink into avoidance. Where the inner child feels wounded, neglected or unloveable – give her some TLC ala therapeutic play time.  While it may appear that you are endlessly able to perform and stay efficient regardless of whatever matter of chaos/discord swirls around you, consider what environment makes you feel stable and at peace. While it certainly proves practical, you can only get away with suppressing your emotions for so long.

In the sign of the Elder, Vesta in Capricorn is at one end of the parent/child, work/family and public/private axis. Not only will a little inner-child play rekindle your soul flame, the more you achieve balance with the opposite end of the Capricorn-Cancer polarity (focusing on inner-child, family, domestic life) the more your Vesta thrives too. Which is why your Vesta Rx is a morning drink at the fountain of youth. With a delicious, fruity taste, 9 grams of protein, 1000mg of Vitamin C and 300 micrograms of biotin to support joints and hair, skin and nail growth – Fountain of Youth Collagen by BUBS Naturals is the grail.

Imagine a powerful combination of collagen protein and megadose of Vitamin C supplemented with antioxidant powerhouse maqui berry plus essential B vitamins. As a clean-label formula, the powder is free of gluten, soy, nuts, dairy and GMOs. Perfect to use post-workout or for an added layer of joint and beauty support, your 18-Day oh-so-potent supply mixes easily into smoothies, coffee, tea, hot or cool water and juice.

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VESTA IN AQUARIUS *Sparking off the Revolution*

Rx: Bioptimizers

Celebrity Doppelgänger: Aaliyah

If your work isn’t already motivated by humanitarian, social or political motivations, fighting for the ideal of freedom for yourself and others brings out the best in you, Vesta in Aquarius. Rebellion against authority figures may be a life theme. You may find that you unwittingly challenge the status quo – failing to abide by rules you simply didn’t know existed. While your unique gift of enlightened detachment goes a long way when stewarding a collective initiative, be careful not to alienate or ignore the immediate needs of your loved ones! Prioritize, on occasion, personal feelings. Sexual response activated through unconventional means. You may prefer polyamory or queering the status quo to traditional courtship. You may have ‘friends with benefits’ engaging in sex in a manner which is nonpossesive and noncommittal. Vesta brings dedication to your group, community, or workplace. A social life full of friendships keeps you centered. Always willing to help others, a friendly and charming personality makes quite the favorable impression. Where you feel blocked, alienated or ousted within a group dynamic – realign with those that share the same vision of the future as you do. Either way, you will demand a lot of freedom from your relationships and routine, as you like to do things your way and never want to feel pressured or follow orders. Start by defining your highest hopes and aspirations, then work with others to dream them real. Whether waving a massive freak flag or simply igniting a creative spark – your energy has a way of uniting people!

In the sign of the future, technology and wizardry – your inner-flame, or shall we say inner ‘lightening’ – benefits greatly from supplements which support clarity and focus. If you know natural health, you know that it begins with the gut. Born from founder Wade’s pain and passion, Bioptimizers was seeded when he witnessed his 23-year-old sister pass away from cancer. A heart-breaking experience that shaped his destiny, Wade quickly realized health is wealth. Since then, his company BIOptimizers has served over 450,000 clients in 90 countries. Working with some of the top Chinese herbalists and top enzyme scientists, Bioptimizers’s simply unparalleled line of supplements are designed above all else to optimize mind-body performance, what Vesta in Aquarius aims to do with future-forward vision and science-backed superiority.

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VESTA IN PISCES *Balance Fear with Faith*


Celebrity Doppelgänger: Oprah

Vesta in Pisces, your flame of intelligence is fed by work in service to others. Putting your heart and soul into your work, you actively seek to make the world a better place. May devote oneself to supporting the vulnerable or needy. A great listener, you have a unique ability to heal the discomfort or sadness of others. Given the diffuse, scattered nature of Pisces, Vesta assists here by way of pointing out where one struggles to focus or commit. You may choose to play the role of martyr, attempting to make others responsible for your suffering. You may sublimate your sexual energy into spiritual realization, or use sex as a gateway to divine cosmic union with a partner. Integration involves the blending of dreams and reality, the poetic and pragmatic. With a strong need for isolation/retreat, recall that denial of your own needs, over-giving and social extension only drains your batteries. In areas where you feel blocked, Vesta brings limitation until you develop the awareness to consolidate your energy, healing the split of shame and guilt. Your inner flame is stoked when you MAKE time for good self-care, rest and recommitment to self. When Vesta is fueled with light-giving energy, she fortifies your natural devotion to your work and relationships. Yearning for the infinite becomes more grounded as you acknowledge the physical world, it’s limitations and what you need to function in it. At times when it’s hard to maintain focus, honor your need to rest and replenish at the level of mind-body-soul. Remember you can always say “NO” to social gatherings.

While you may prefer tea to coffee, you do have a distinct halo, Vesta in Pisces. And while you also have a stellar grasp of the unfathomable depths and unthinkable heights of the collective unconscious, you’d benefit from focusing on your physical health at times, particularly the Virgo and Vesta-ruled realms of diet, ritual and routine. A functional coffee creamer with angelic taste, HALO COFFEE CREAMER by BUBS Naturals is a simply delicious way to boost brain function and energy levels. Known to fight bacterial growth and help with healthy weight maintenance, MCT oil has long-been a go-to for professional athletes and will surely help your Vesta in Pisces power up. Our brains are unable to store fuel, so they require a constant supply of energy to maintain peak performance. Due to their shorter chain length, MCTs travel more quickly from the gut to liver and do not require bile to break down like longer-chain fats do. Since MCTs easily enter your bloodstream without being broken down, they can be used as an immediate source of energy. Even more, studies have shown that MCT oil and a ketogenic diet may help manage conditions such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and autism (mental illness being strongly associated with the Piscean shadow). In addition to its surprising antimicrobial and antifungal effects, the ketones in Halo Creamer quickly cross the blood/brain barrier to provide a fast and efficient energy source, think optimal brain food. Made with only high-quality natural ingredients, the creamer can be added to your morning smoothie, coffee, tea, hot or cool water, even orange juice. It’s Keto friendly, gluten-free and non GMO. While It’s not a vegan or vegetarian option, those that opt into eating MCT’s animal protein will experience its grounding benefits.

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Katie Cercone

Katie Cercone is an interdisciplinary artist, yogi, curator & astro-feminist based in Queens, NYC. Katie teaches GENDER TROUBLE in the Visual & Critical Studies Department at SVA. To learn more about her yoga and astro-oracle offerings, follow @parvati_slice on Instagram

Your birthday season is in full swing, Aries. You revel in the pursuit of a challenge, and opportunities are aplenty. The New Moon Solar Eclipse incites a shift in your purpose. It’s time to amp up your charm and step into a new role. Your magnetic personality will attract new people and lucky prospects.

Transform chapped lips with this Vitamin C Balm from Kindness Powered Skincare. The balm has a citrusy scent reminiscent of orange groves. Its proprietary blend of essential oils is a treat for the senses. Vitamin C Balm is formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines, while naturally enhancing your lips. Moisturizing ingredients target dryness and nourish the skin barrier with antioxidants. Vitamin C Balm is thick, but has a lightweight application. It comes with a handy spatula, which allows you to apply the product without contaminating the jar. This compact product is easy to slip into a clutch or everyday bag for easy usage. Prepare your pout for some voluminous hydration.

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With Mercury retrograde on the rise this month, the stars are calling for a period of reflection, Taurus. Consider the strides you’ve made recently and how they contribute to your purpose. Your birthday season is forthcoming, and it’s the perfect time to treat yourself and celebrate your hard work.

The Sequoia Cuff from Sister Homage is about to embed itself into your signature style. This bracelet has stunning visual appeal. It’s a classic piece that is versatile enough to fit with every style. Dress it up or dress it down. The design has interesting elements that set it apart from a typical bracelet. The 14K gold vermeil option is bendy and allows for more flexibility. It’s a lightweight, sophisticated piece that enhances any style. Or, you can set the tone with the strong and sturdy 14K solid gold choice. The 14K gold bracelet comes with birthstone options to give your piece a personalized touch. The Sequoia Cuff is a piece of jewelry that tells a story. Its design was inspired by the bark of the sequoia tree. The Sequoia Cuff is a statement piece that will frame you as you stand in your power this month.

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A period of bold transformation is up ahead, Gemini. A full moon in Scorpio on April 23rd will change the momentum of your career and personal life. Ride the wave of emotional charge, but do not make any firm decisions yet. This is a period of rest and simplicity. Meditate and check in with yourself about your goals.

Stay hydrated, mermaid style. This 30 oz Mermaid Cup from Mermaid Straw brings a playful vibe to reusable water bottles. The bright, opal-like hue shimmers like mermaid scales. The mesmerizing color shifts with the sunlight, bringing in the compliments and making it easy to keep in sight. Constructed from food-grade stainless steel, the chip-resistant design will make it your perfect sidekick for spring. The design has a double-wall vacuum insulation to maintain your beverage’s temperature. Hot beverages will stay warm for up to 12 hours while cold beverages will stay cool for an impressive 24 hours. Sip comfortably from stainless steel straw. The handle is ensconced in silicone, allowing you to grip your Mermaid Cup comfortably. Choose between two insulated lip options for flexible drinking on the go. The lids prevent leakage and the cup fits well in a car’s drink holder.

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The pink moon is out and calling you to play, Cancer. You’ve recently been hibernating, leaning into a cozy hygge lifestyle. With the air warming, it’s time to spread your wings and emerge from your chrysalis. Your social life beckons with enthusiasm. Catch up with old friends and make new connections. You’ll feel energized and renewed when you connect with others.

The Aura Women’s Sneakers from Icebug will keep you moving swiftly this month. These lightweight running shoes redefine comfort. The light mesh on top makes the Aura Sneaker feel more breathable than your average running shoes. Each pair is thoughtfully engineered to support your feet as you move about your day. They’re sturdy and supportive. Cushioning at the bottom of the sneakers feels like walking on a cloud. These shoes were designed for high-performance on asphalt and gravel roads, so you can run efficiently in multiple settings. Unlike other sneakers, there is no breaking in period needed. The Aura Sneakers are snug and comfortable from the first wear. Aura cares as much about your carbon footprint as it does your physical footprint. Each pair is made from 8% bio-based materials and 27% recycled materials.

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This April, open your mind to new ideas, Leo. It’s easy to get caught up in routines, but it’s time to step outside your comfort zone. Take a detour to an art museum or cook up a new recipe. New experiences forge new neural pathways that can open your spirit to greater creativity. Sometimes one difference can make you see the world anew.

British hairstylist Nicky Clarke, has made a name in the industry for styling the tresses of celebrity clients like Princess Diana and Gwyneth Paltrow. Nicky channeled his expertise into building an impressive haircare range, which is now available in the United States. The AirStyle PRO uses infrared technology to give you a salon-level blow dry at home. This technology promotes blood circulation and decreases tension on the hair follicle. These features don’t detract from the AirStyle PRO’s effectiveness. The ceramic air inlet and ionic conditioning pave the way for a shiny blowout minus the heat damage. One of the AirStyle PRO’s best features is its ability to keep your blow dryer at a lower volume, giving it a more meditative feel. At only twelve ounces, the AirStyle PRO puts the light in lightweight.The AirStyle PRO’s versatile design lets you choose between three temperature settings and three speeds, so you can customize your blow dry. The cool-shot button locks in your preferred style. The AirStyle PRO also comes with four accessories: a concentrator, a diffuser, and two aircurl attachments. These add-ons give you options to explore different blowout styles.

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April is a time to get your financial house in order, Virgo. While you may be tempted to make a few impulse purses early in the month, the stars are calling for you to reassess your finances. Some splurges are worth their weight in gold, while others will be forgotten by the next full moon. Consider what things are worth the space in your life. It may be time to terminate that subscription you’ve been meaning to cancel.

This investment in your lashes is worth every penny. Get ready to debut some seriously lush lashes. Lash Spell has a serum that will work its magic on your eyelashes. The Enhancing Eye Lash Serum harnesses the power of bio-engineered peptides, essential proteins, vitamins, and conditioning ingredients to up the “wow factor” on your lashes. With the wave of a wand, this gentle serum will transform your eyelashes from simple to siren. The serum is formulated to increase the length and volume of your eyelashes, so they appear thicker and fuller. The application is a quick, easy step in your nighttime routine. A single swipe on clean, dry lashes each evening produces powerful results. The serum leaves out harmful ingredients including DEA, parabens, sulfates, BHA, BHT, and fragrance. In four weeks, you won’t remember how you ever batted at eye without Lash Spell.

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Your sense of resilience is on the rise this month, Libra. Embrace risks and take action. The stars are prompting you to step into your confidence. This is a great time to advocate for a raise or take on a new leadership position. Your small steps are transforming into confident strides as you take up more space. Own your physical, emotional, and spiritual expansion.

These leggings from Oya Femtech Apparel have a versatile cut and style that fit right into your busy lifestyle. These black leggings are the little black dress of casual wear. They’re chic, comfortable, and easy to move around in. Oya Femtech Apparel has upped the ante on their leggings by providing additional perks. Each pair has breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. The design also keeps your health in mind. Antimicrobial fabric helps to decrease infections associated with bacteria buildup. The cooling, breathable fabric reduces skin chafing. Two deep pockets allow you to bring your most coveted items on the go. With comfort and performance in mind, the stretchy fabric makes squats a cinch. The brand currently offers four color choices, with many size inclusive options available.

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This month, you’ll feel drawn to physical activity, Scorpio. Take a nature walk or sign up for a new boutique exercise class. Movement is a way to process stagnant emotions. Your body is ready to release old feelings to make space for the new. Outdoor exercise will invigorate your body and spirit as signs of spring are abundant.

What if we told you there was a way to soak up the sun and while protecting your skin and the planet? Sunglow SPF Luminizing Face Sunscreen from Kinfield is a mineral, reef-safe sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF 35 protection. This lightweight formula glides on like a dream. It spreads easily without pilling and a little goes a long way. Zinc oxide is an active ingredient, but there’s no chalky cast in sight. This formula leaves your face feeling hydrated, without your natural skin tone enhanced. The luminizing glow comes from the subtle rose-gold tint, which leaves your skin with a dewy, sun-kissed look. This sustainable sunscreen has antioxidants and vegan, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic ingredients. It’s devoid of harmful additives like sulfates, phthalates, and parabens. Prime yourself for some safe, glamorous fun in the sun.

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Sagittarius, this month is about finding balance between work, creative pursuits, rest, and play. When the Solar Eclipse arrives, it will spur you to bring your ideas to fruition. It takes energy and strength to bring your ideas to action. Counterbalance that energetic input with constructive rest.

The Curlfriend Collective Silk Pillowcase will send you off to slumber in style. This silk pillowcase will help your curls and skin stay hydrated while you snooze. Each pillowcase is spun from 100% 22 Momme Mulberry Silk. This material upgrades your sleep experience to premium status. The luxurious item feels as silky as a butterfly’s kiss. An 8” envelope is nestled inside each pillowcase. This feature keeps your pillowcase snug all night, so it won’t slip and slide as you sleep. It’s available in both standard and king sizes. The brand currently offers several color options, including pearl white, pearl gray, and cheetah, so you can choose the palette that best fits your bedroom decor. With size and color choices as well as comfort and style, the Curlfriend Collective Silk Pillowcase is a must-have sleep accessory.

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Dive deeper this month, Capricorn. Communication opportunities are ripe for connections. Start a conversation with a new acquaintance or invite your bestie for a night in. While it's easy to get lost in the scroll of screens, set aside time for face-to-face interactions. You feel lighter and refreshed after a conversation with one of your favorite people.

Lumitory Gathering Conversation Cards

If awkward silences at social gatherings are not your jam, Lumitory has you covered. The brand’s mission is to encourage deeper conversations that will lead to connections. While digital interactions have become an integral part of our world, Lumitory’s Conversation Cards break the ice of face-to-face interactions. They encourage you to revel in the pauses of life’s busy moments instead of retrating from them. These prompts strike the balance between fun and insightful to make your next soirée one to remember. Lumitory’s Gathering Conversation Cards have the perfect prompts to kick off any type of gathering. Questions range from “What’s your favorite comfort food?” to “What is the most interesting documentary you have ever watched?” The range of questions gives you the chance to get to know yourself, your close friends and family, and even new friends on a deeper level. Speaking of range, Lumitory offers a wide selection of conversation cards for any occasion. The brand curates conversation packs for Dating, Wedding, Family, New Parents, Legacy, and Holidays. You can choose the conversation pack that best fits your gathering. Each box of cards has a compact holder with the brand’s stamp etched in gold, making it the perfect home decor piece.

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It’s time for some spring cleaning, Aquarius. A new season means changes to your home. You may want to give your home aesthetic a makeover. You might feel called to tidy up some spaces to prepare for spring’s abundance. Think about ways to repurpose old objects or find them a new home. The stars are calling on you to be thrifty this month.

Bloomeffects Royal Tulip Petal Polish has the antidote for dry, flaky skin buildup. The brand harnesses some serious tulip power for smoother, softer skin. Products are formulated with the byproducts of tulips harvested from tulip fields in the Netherlands. This three-in-one exfoliator and cleanser uses physical, chemical, and enzymatic exfoliants to polish dull skin. The formula works effectively, and it’s gentle on all skin types including sensitive skin. Each jar comes with a small spatula to scoop out the petal polish. While the texture feels sandy at first, it transforms into a foamy cleanser with water. Gently massage the Royal Tulip Petal Polish from head to toe and bask in the glow of radiant skin. Each jar has a gentle floral fragrance that harkens back to the tulip fields of its inception. This versatile, ingenious product will quickly earn its spot as your favorite shower staple.

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This month to follow your intuition wherever it leads, Pisces. The solar eclipse prompts you to check in with yourself. You’ve been prioritizing the needs of others and the stars encourage you to seek what makes you happy. Spend some time quietly reflecting or journaling about the things that bring you joy. These reflections will prompt you to find solutions that will save time and energy for the things you love.

The Glossing Detangler from Lolavie banishes tangles and snarls. This Jennifer Aniston-backed brand has revolutionized the hair care game. Lolavie has made a name for itself in the beauty industry for its clean ingredients and research-backed approach to beauty. Products are cruelty-free and deliver the results they promise. The Glossing Detangler is a standout product from Lolavie’s line. A few pumps of this spray on damp hair will smooth out tangles, shield your hair from thermal damage, and help strengthen strands against damage. The lightweight formula gently coats strands without leaving a thick, sticky residue behind. A light citrus fragrance lingers after use, reminiscent of a day at the spa. The Glossing Detangler is one impressive multitasking product. Is there anything better than a stress-free brushing experience that leaves more of your strands intact?

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