Alisa Leonard

Alisa is orignally from San Fransisco, California and spent the better portion of her childhood growing up in the villages of northern England which thus explains her obsession with beauty, nature, and the frolicking imagination. She majored in English at Brigham Young University in Utah where more often than not she was on the slopes and not in class. She was a staff writer for Salt Lake City's SLUG Magazine covering national and local music. Music is her life and she has been known to cross the Atlantic more than a few times to scope out her favorite bands. At one point she moved to London where she did nothing but listen to music and write and lay in Hyde Park and look up at the trees. She is currently living in NYC, writing a novel and freelancing. Alisa adores fashion and has a penchent for creativity in her dress (emphasis on "creative"). One of her favorite things is scoping out the luminaries that descend on her Lower East Side neighborhood on Saturday nights. Green is her favorite color. She loves her Wellington boots, skirts, her dog and one true love, raw things, orange things, prefab dwellings, curious Boym things, bubble baths, and buying new shampoo.

Nothing To Wear???

[center] [/center] OK…so enough of this crazy weather! One minute I’m ready to go out…


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