Andrea Toochin

Andrea Toochin is a native of Boston but a New Yorker for life. Despite a three-year stint in grants administration, she found her calling while studying at the Harvard Extension School. She should’ve known by age 12 when her bedroom walls were plastered with models from the pages of girly glossies. She began her journalism career with an internship at The Village Voice. She is now the resident skin care guru for Beauty News and the Lifestyle Editor of Un Chin magazine. A contributor to the New York Press and the New York Resident, among others, she’s happy to inform the Beauty News community of the latest and greatest skin care items. She embraces all new cosmetic developments, including dental products, personal care items, natural and organic lines, and the mainstays - lotions and potions - developed everywhere from quaint American kitchens to international laboratories. Her goal is to help the New York community look fabulous while avoiding the knife.


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