Irene Fogarty

Whether it was her mother's Guinness-shampoos or those Sunday seaweed desserts, Irene passion for natural remedies started at an early age. Remedies and homebrew recipes for everything from healing ailments to body and skincare. An interest that has grown into a full-time career today.

Known as the "Cream Queen" in her native city of Dublin, she adores slathering on creams, trying out all-natural cosmetics and making her own herbal "medicines" that fought off the Irish weather and men! Her skeptics were silenced when they saw the results. But as she claims, "going natural" not only brings us closer to Nature but works better for everybody especially those with allergies and sensitive skin.

Wary of being labeled too "crunchy granola," she believes that adopting a few simple "cleaner living" practices can make a big difference. Today she lives in the east village, "one of the healthiest places to live," as a freelance copywriter/beauty writer focusing on the "all natural" side of beauty. She reviews, critiques and creates advertising for everything "less toxic"-- from household products to cosmetics.

Because as she says beauty is more than skin deep. And if you don’t believe that, well then get a change of skin!

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