Beautyscopes: August 2021

The hottest month of the year has arrived and with it comes 12 exciting new products to help you live your very best and most beautiful life!

Beautyscopes: July 2021

The world is healing, summer is in full force and there are some beautiful new products in your future! Read along to see what we have lined up for you this month!

Beautyscopes: June 2021

HOT GIRL SUMMER IS HERE! We’ve been cooped up for over a year now and it’s finally time to set our sights on socializing and spending time with people again. Read along for everything you need to truly embrace the beauty of summer!

Beautyscopes: May 2021

Spring has sprung and life is starting to slowly get back to normal. Enjoy these 12 products that will elevate your beauty, skin and hair for weeks to come!

Beautyscopes: April 2021

A worldwide pandemic, non-stop working from home, and social distancing have us all feeling on-edge, tired and honestly just down. This month, we hope to bring some beauty and joy to all of you with some of our favorite and new products on the market.

Beautyscopes: March 2021

Finally, some much needed sunshine is melting away the never-ending snow and allowing us to get outside! Keep your makeup and complexion in tip-top shape with the 12 products below!

Beautyscopes: January 2021

GOODBYE 2020, HELLO 2021! Last year was tough, it threw the world for a loop and our everyday lives changed drastically. Our hope for this year is health, happiness and the ability to spend time with the ones we love.


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