Patricia Wersinger

Patricia Wersinger grew up in France where she studied English and Art. She was always fascinated with the United States and settled in New York after a few years studying around the country.

Her interests lie more specifically in holistic beauty, how to combine a healthy approach in harmony with the environment and an understanding of who you are. Patricia believes that a big part of beauty is psychological, a matter of finding peace in and out of yourself and developing deep interests that allow you to live with passion.

When you have passion, you are beautiful and cosmetics can help heighten what is inside you. It is important to have a style of your own and a strong identity that keeps evolving with the movement of time. Patricia lives in New York but loves to leave the city to renew herself with new sights and ideas. She loves anything that is artsy, eccentric, on the fringe, picturesque and full of life. Besides skincare, she loves to write about new fashion, health and fitness, design and art.


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